TOUGHLOVE: A Modern Business Advisory Service to Guide & Shape Your Business

The global advisory firm landscape is characterized by intense competition, with firms continuously innovating and expanding their service offerings to meet the evolving needs of clients in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. TOUGHLOVE is a homegrown advisory firm based out of Dubai, UAE, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. “We aim to make business advice accessible to those who do not have the people, capability, capacity, or knowledge to manage this growth or even the time or funds to experiment with theories and best practices. We commit to telling these businesses what they need to hear, not what they want to hear, in a peer-to-peer approach that is driven by co-creating solutions that are market-ready. We recognize that often these assignments leave businesses vulnerable during implementation, and we are prepared to continue partnering with them throughout that phase,” says TOUGHLOVE, Khaled M. Ismail, CEO.

Our Services

TOUGHLOVE offers a modern business advisory service to guide & shape your business. “We recommend agile & scalable solutions for the best business outcomes. We partner with businesses to unlock their potential & deliver creative hands-on solutions without sizeable overhead. We help clients identify blind spots, support them in co-creating solutions, & help them develop internal skills & capabilities to overcome your challenges.”

The differentiating factor

“There is no other advisory firm with this amount of collaborative hands-on experience in the market. At TOUGHLOVE, we tell our clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear, so we can effectively help them and their businesses. We have witnessed first-hand the dire need to engage with real-life practitioners who are about developing practical, tailor-made solutions based on their own experiences, as opposed to sharing theoretical best practices. We want businesses to know that there is a different way to get help, and that is the TOUGHLOVE say,” adds Ismail.

Mission and Vision

We focused on our experience rather than theory to advise our clients, but the trigger is our approach. Straight-talking, jargon-free, and honest approach. We tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. You will understand what we recommend to you. So, we do things differently.

  • Sophisticated NOT condescending
  • Trustworthy NOT fluffy
  • Inspiring NOT preachy
  • Progressive NOT buzzword bingo
  • Ambitious and Driven NOT antagonistic
  • Provocative NOT imposing
  • Confident NOT Arrogant
  • Supportive NOT transactional
  • Direct NOT Blunt

Shaping the business landscape in the Middle East

“TOUGHLOVE partners have acquired most of their learnings from hands-on, real-life experience in prominent leadership positions and by working with, and on some of the region’s more prominent and successful brands and organizations over the past few decades.  As individuals, we have consistently been tasked with challenging and highly demanding agendas in the region that have been pegged as a growth potential for the past couple of decades.  Today, SME and family-owned businesses, which contribute to the vast majority of the economy as well as employment in most countries, must compete with the scale, financial power, and broad expertise of international organizations and brands. We collaborate with them via a straight-talking, tried-and-tested approach that brings real-life, fit-for-purpose solutions that are devoid of theory. Arguably, this formula might not appeal to all, but that’s OK. Growth and progress often require TOUGHLOVE and that is in our DNA. So, those who do seek support and advice will value the journey with us and the results it will enable them to achieve,” elaborated Ismail.

The success story   

“Over the past two years, we have worked with many local, regional, and international clients taking on a variety of assignments, from refreshing the company’s brand and positioning, assisting clients with their go-to-market strategies, restructuring marketing departments, setting marketing and business strategies, implementing plans, and always working closely with our clients. We have also been asked to take on assignments for developing and shaping internal company cultures and taking on interim CMO positions.”


“TOUGHLOVE originated from a business insight that traditional consulting models can be improved to better serve the needs of new-age businesses. Sharing this view, our founding partners of senior practitioners joined forces to form a group that offers companies a fresh perspective for solving the problems that we had experienced ourselves. We help companies facing organizational, commercial, and operational challenges that limit their growth and performance,” concluded Ismail.

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