Jump To Health: Transforming the Nutrition Industry

Jump To Health

In recent years, the nutrition market has seen remarkable advancements, transforming the way we approach healthcare. Personalized nutrition plans have become a cornerstone, harnessing genetic insights and AI technology to tailor diets to individual needs. Jump To Health is a company that provides education, natural products, and community support to help you achieve your health goals. “Our mission is to end diabetes, obesity, gut issues, mood challenges, heart concerns with good nutrition. The factor that differentiates Jump To Health from its counterparts is the unique meal plans and recipes that support & fit any diet or lifestyle. The product line and programs were created by PhD nutritionists who have helped millions of people globally achieve better health,” says Audrey Sommerfeld, Founder, Jump To Health.

Transforming the Nutrition Industry

The company was launched in November 2018, to provide nutrition education to help people make better decisions, and take back their health based on real nutrition science. “Nutrition is not taught in schools, and even our health care providers get less than 8 hours of education in their careers but they get far more education and even funding on drug therapies. We know that nutrition can play a key role in health and we are here to make sense of the confusing messages on what is healthy, and what is not. Additionally, in our nutrition training, we explain ‘why’ and ‘how’ certain foods can impact health. Most nutritionists will report what they need to per government recommendations, we provide the science and the rationale behind the information,” adds Mr Sommerfeld.

Jump To Health continues to build a foundation for future growth, by investing in more technology, new products, and more information and tools for the customers and distributors. “For example, this month we are adding a ‘super fan’ technology allowing our customers to have a replicated site to share with family and friends. Each time someone purchases a product the fan will get points toward free product! If you want to step it up a notch and earn sales income you can upgrade to our Free Affiliate program and earn up to 25% on product sales, far more than other affiliate programs,” elaborates the Founder.

The Success Journey

“My background has included working for large, respected retail brands (Neutrogena, Oil of Olay, Mylanta, Tylenol) as well as Direct Sales (Herbalife, ViSalus). I have seen the power of word-of-mouth advertising, and enjoy engaging with our customers and team members closely. Many companies focus only on selling product. We saw a huge gap in the industry and found a way to help provide more information, a certified nutrition education platform, and more to help empower people to know how to take charge of their health,” adds Mr Sommerfeld.

Promising Quality Services

“Each of our products can stand alone as a flagship product, as we aim to address the top key health concerns. Our Fruit Power and Vegetable Power provide powerful phytonutrients and unique ingredients not found in other ‘greens or superfood products and we offer this for 40 percent less money than key brands.  Our Cor and VPro (plant based) protein shakes provide prebiotic fibre, digestive enzymes, muscle boosting nutrients and blood controlling sweeteners and yet taste like Birthday Cake! We have a unique prebiotic fibre blend in Fiber Pro that is clinically shown boost probiotics in the gut and help satiety, mood, heart health, and help balance leptin. We have natural mood support in our Control, to help fight cravings. You can intermittent fast and boost ketones with Ignite, a cream flavour powder that is amazing in coffee and KeTonic, an orange cream ketone drink to get into fat burning, without stimulants or caffeine. We have healthy energy in our PowerOx tea and Excelerade pre workout energy drink, and then help fight inflammation and provide fast relief for aches and pains with our Joint & Muscle Ease, and re:Leaf topical gel. The product line has many benefits and our prices are more affordable.”

The Technology Angle

“We continue to invest in technology to help both the customer, and affiliate/brand partner better find our resources, tools and product information. The goal is to make it easier to shop, share, and serve others. We are launching a new customer ‘sharing’ system, where they can share the products with others and earn free product credits when their friend/family member shops. Each customer gets loyalty points for being on smartship, and are given their own ‘back office’ to manage orders, update information on credit cards, shipping addresses. We make it easy for them to manage orders and change or pause smartship. With our new updated Mobile App, and online back-office upgrades, we are focused on making it easier for the customer to learn, order, and get perks,” adds Mr Sommerfeld.

The Change of Waves

The pandemic has shifted not only how people shop, but what their focus is as well. It is shifting the industry and requiring companies to adapt to new ways of doing business. Companies need to focus on creating relationships with their customers, and look at them as more than simple ‘transactions’. “We strive to create a community that helps the ‘whole’ person from health, to wealth, to living, to giving. Our Health pillar is our products and education, the wealth pillar is how to earn income or get free product, the living pillar is our travel/shopping/fun portal that saves money on everyday living, and then our giving pillar is a way to help others in need by being on our products, and then walking and counting steps. Each step counts toward donations to feeding the hungry. At Jump To Health, it truly is about community and helping each other.”

The Global Impact

“We currently operate in the USA and Canada, and our products are approved by Health Canada. Our team has deep experience globally, and have created products and tools and put them into 59 countries. Our goal is global growth and to help more people achieve their health goals, on their terms.”

The Future Ahead “We will continue to work on our messaging, technology, education, and launch new products, and focus on growth. And the motto is to always keep learning, never settle for ‘good’ but strive always for excellence,” Concludes Mr Sommerfeld.