Kevin MacRitchie: A Steadfast Leader Spearheading Change

Kevin MacRitchie is a charismatic executive leader with deep knowledge and experience in leading operations and sales. Kevin is a change agent for business growth and turnarounds, talent development, and new market expansion. With his exceptional track record in guiding cross-functional teams, designing cutting-edge business solutions and services, driving greater efficiencies and accountability, Kevin now leads Tactical Rehabilitation, a full-service DME company whose mission is to serve those who serve the nation.

David Marr, the now Chairman of the Board, founded Tactical Rehabilitation in 2013 to provide the highest quality products and the highest level of qualified service to active-duty service members, veterans, and their families in the initial areas of bio-mechanical, Musculoskeletal, and non-pharmaceutical pain management. This specific mission under the super category of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) has kept the company entirely focused on some of the specific needs to solve more than 68% of the injuries in the U.S. military that prevents men and women in uniform from sustaining a ‘service-ready’ status. 

The business, which was founded in 2013, has since significantly expanded its product lineup while remaining true to its commitment to serving the requirements of the military.

Kevin joined Tactical Rehabilitation in 2020 as its Chief Operations Officer and transformed the company to serve its patients better and grow its capabilities through efficient operations, dedication to its patients, creating a consistently positive experience, and developing lasting positive partnerships. Later in 2022, Kevin was appointed as the company’s CEO, where he began revolutionizing the healthcare industry through common purpose, leadership, partnerships, teamwork, and a better experience serving the U.S. military. 

Kevin is also an avid and very active horseman. He rides his horses as often as possible and uses them to support the local sheriff’s department and for herding buffalo in Michigan and South Dakota. 

My family and I are all active horsemen and women. If we are not horseback riding or training someone’s horse, which is rare, we go Jeeping. As long as we are outdoors doing either of these, my family and I are pretty happy. We believe everyone must play as hard as they work. It is a necessary balance for peace of mind and for great ideas to come to life,“- he explained.

About Tactical Rehabilitation

Tactical Rehabilitation is a full-service Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Provider to the United States Military with a special focus on Bio-Mechanical and Parasomnia support, which makes up more than 68% of the injuries faced by the U.S. army personnel. 

One of Tactical’s most honored partners is Sole Supports. Developed by Dr. Ed Glaser under the Mass Posture Theory, Sole Supports are entirely personalized for every patient and are weight and foot flexibility calibrated. It is the only orthotic on the market that focuses on ensuring good posture from head to toe and healing instead of slowing the degradation of a patient’s condition.

Like Sole Supports, Tactical has several other partner product companies focused on healing patients and continuously seeking improvement in their products.  

Overcoming Challenges

Unlike its competitors, Tactical Rehabilitation kept its doors open and faced the hard challenges of Covid. At the same time, it also expanded where others could not. It took the pandemic’s challenge head-on and made several hard decisions. 

Our commitment is to ensure we are available for our patients and here for our employees, even in difficult times. To do so, we must seize the market opportunities when they arise, and internally, rise to the occasion and put the effort in to grow our team and the opportunities for our employees to grow as well,“- Kevin explained. 

He feels the most fun part about challenges are they provide opportunities to overcome and make a better self, which can be a person, service, product, or company. Kevin and his team at Tactical Rehabilitation love challenges as they always solve them with a better outlook and service offering on the other side of the resolution, ensuring their patients get even better care than before.  

For me looking back, it has been continuously improving the “Tactical Experience” while building the company’s ability to sustain its own growth. We have improved every in-house system and business tool with no interruption of service to our patients and with no downtime for our employees. This has allowed us to create and develop a more technology-based company that can stay ahead of the expectations of our doctors’ and patients’ needs,“- Kevin stated. 

Not all Heros Wear Capes

Being a full-service DME company, Tactical Rehabilitation is entirely focused on the healthcare needs of the military and supporting their “service ready” status. It uses highly trained and certified professionals, many of whom are veterans with an even greater understanding of patients than others. Speaking about the same, Kevin proudly said, “Our goal is to ensure active duty, veterans, and family members all have the best opportunity for the best quality healthcare with the same or better standards than that of the private sector. As far as we know, no other company is fully dedicated to U.S. Military health in the same manner we are. If there is, we would love to meet them and partner with them for the mutual improvement of each of us and the ultimate benefit to our patients.

David founded Tactical Rehabilitation for the sole purpose of providing the same or better healthcare to U.S. Military service men and women compared to civilian healthcare. Keeping the purpose in mind, Tactical Rehabilitation now partners with military bases and military healthcare providers to offer solutions through its partnerships in the civilian solutions provider network, ensuring those that put their life on the line to protect our freedoms no longer receive lesser care than those who do not serve.  

Looking at the Future

Under Kevin’s firm leadership, Tactical Rehabilitation will continue to grow and serve the men and women in uniform until it has easy access to all of them. This will require new models for nearly inaccessible geographies in the U.S. and across the planet, and it is well on its way. Kevin feels this will also need stronger partnerships and an agile yet systematic approach to continued success as the stakes get higher the larger any company gets. 

This will also require adding new services and solutions that go beyond the initial founding of our company and continuing to expand our solutions based on the priority needs of our patient base,”- he explained.

Suggestions for Younger Self

Kevin advises young entrepreneurs to Plan. Set goals. Move the goalpost just before they get there. And when they celebrate passing that goalpost on the way to the next, they must remind themselves the goal is still attainable; it has just moved further down the road.  

If we sit on our laurels, we will forget to improve, and constant improvement is the only way you create opportunity.“- he advises. “Also, ensure each team member, including yourself, truly knows their value and skill set boundaries. Hire, or partner for the skill sets you don’t have, and don’t fool yourself into thinking you can do it all.

Company Name; Tactical Rehabilitataion

Management: Kevin MacRitchie, CEO