Prosh Marketing: Experienced, part-time marketing leadership for startups and SMBs

In today’s fast-changing business landscape, companies are looking for effective strategies to accelerate sales and drive growth. Hiring a full-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) has traditionally been the go-to approach when a company reaches a certain size. The primary reason CEOs hire an experienced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is to add strategic leadership skilled at building and scaling the company’s sales efforts and to drive revenue growth. An experienced CMO possesses the expertise to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligns with the company’s vision, goals, and objectives, effectively communicates the brand’s value proposition, and identifies and capitalizes on key market opportunities to increase revenue.

Prosh Marketing is a collective of Marketing leaders with decades of experience, passionate about helping entrepreneurs access senior-level marketing talent, affordably. Prosh Marketing is led by Roshni Wijayasinha and supported by a network of partners and expert consultants.

Our Services

Prosh Marketing helps CEOs, Startup Founders, and Marketers to maximize their potential with proven marketing leadership that has helped companies attain nine-figure exits and launch over 50 products and brands in worldwide markets. Leveraging over 15 years of experience and a wide network of specialists, Prosh Marketing has designed cost-effective programs that are built to deliver an ROI and use a sustainable approach by building up internal marketing resources and capabilitieswith flexible team integration, hands-on training, and knowledge transfer.

Fractional CMOs

  • Help with collaborative goal and strategy definition with leadership.
  • Design and build the marketing engine, including the team, vendors, programs, processes, tools and partnerships.
  • Manage Marketing implementation and operations with hands-on mentoring of marketing staffand / or vendors to deliver KPIs.

PT Marketing Directors

  • Help with implementing the marketing plan ensuring timely execution of marketing activities and budget management.

The Inspiration Journey

“I saw an opportunity for growing businesses to tap into senior marketing leadership more affordably with a part-time model. This differed from consultants because our marketing leaders would not just create strategy but also help implement and build infrastructure inside organizations. This differed also from agencies who did everything for their clients but left them with no knowledge or systems in place internally. This Fractional CMO model was perfect for smaller businesses that couldn’t afford or didn’t need a full-time head of marketing and were trying to maximize their growth by leveraging junior employees. Here, they could afford seasoned marketing leaders on demand,” added Roshni Wijayasinha, CEO, Prosh Marketing.

Beating the odds as a women

“As a woman marketing in the tech field, there were not many of us in the early days. In addition, most of the founders who were funded and could afford our services were men. I find that focusing on my unique strengths has allowed me to feel more at home in a room that might be completely different from mine, and also focused on really understanding my target audience, their needs, and pain points so I could relate, regardless of gender,” says Roshni.

The work-life balance

“I try to carve out weekends for self-care, and time with family and friends. I will prepare for my week on a Sunday night but the rest of the time, I do not open my email. Having a clear boundary on my weekends is also necessary because I work late on weekdays and our clients sometimes reach out during the week at various times because they are across a variety of time zones,” elaborated Roshni.

Women, Leadership and Business

“Many of the women leaders I’ve met are strong communicators and can lean into emotional intelligence to truly connect with people. This has not only translated into success from a marketing perspective connecting with target audiences and customers but also helped them inspire and engage their teams. This has created strong work cultures where they can attract and retain great talent, as well as support their staff and partners to maximize their success. I think more women will rise to leadership positions shortly.They will have more role models and more funding available to them as well. I also foresee social norms and educational opportunities will drive more women into STEM careers and entrepreneurship. I believe that this will inspire more innovation for women, as well as businesses that service women’s needs.”

The Work Culture

“At Prosh Marketing, we have a diverse roster of Fractional CMOs from across the world. We value and hire for this diversity as it allows us to appeal to a broader client base and also have a broader range of skills and experiences to draw upon. This also means we celebrate a variety of holidays across different cultures, use inclusive language when we speak to our collective as well as our clients, and collect feedback from our stakeholders to ensure we’re including their opinions. I’m also an angel investor with The Firehood, a group that invests in women founded businesses to help them access capital and resources to build and grow their companies.”