WebTeb: The Go Source For Reliable Health And Wellness Content In MENA


At WebTeb, our vision is to enhance people’s lives by delivering trusted health and wellness content. Our mission is to serve as the ultimate hub for connecting Arab citizens with healthcare providers,” says Amani Abulaban, CEO. “We are committed to ensuring everyone has the right to knowledge and easy access to reliable information. With a comprehensive platform that includes our website, social media channels, and mobile app, WebTeb provides reliable health and wellness content from healthcare professionals, establishing us as the primary source of health and wellness information in the Arab world. We also help bridge the gap between healthcare providers and Arab users, enhancing the community’s well-being. We uphold the highest ethical and professional standards in all that we do,” says Amani Abulaban, CEO.

The Journey towards Success

“My journey to success has been shaped by a passion for making a positive impact and a constant pursuit of innovative solutions. In my previous roles within the pharmaceutical industry, I led marketing efforts across the MENA region, specifically focusing on healthcare. This experience provided me with a deep understanding of the dynamics of the MENA healthcare market. When I transitioned to Webteb, I saw it as a chance to merge my healthcare expertise with my entrepreneurial spirit. With a strong belief in continuous learning and development, always seeking new ways to grow and improve, I am driven by my passion to make a difference and leave a lasting impact in every role and environment I am in,” added Amani.

The inception story

“Webteb was already established when I joined the team, but what inspired me was the potential it held to make a significant impact on people’s lives. The opportunity to provide trusted health and wellness information to Arabic readers and spread health awareness in the MENA region motivated me to take on the role of CEO and lead Webteb to greater heights.”

The story behind the entrepreneurship journey

“The inspiration behind my pursuit of entrepreneurship and leadership in the healthcare and technology industry stemmed from the challenges I observed as a young woman. I saw an opportunity to bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to an industry in need of change. When I became CEO of Webteb, my passion for improving people’s lives, coupled with Webteb’s mission to do the same, motivated me to lead the company towards becoming the go-to source of Arabic Health and Wellness content in the MENA region and the partner of choice for healthcare institutions globally,” says Amani.

The team behind the curtain

At the heart of WebTeb is a team of experienced healthcare professionals, technology enthusiasts, editors, programmers, designers, and advertising specialists. Their collective efforts are devoted to refining WebTeb’s performance to guarantee the highest quality content, superior products, and the best user experience.

The initial challenges

“As a young leader in a field, Often populated by more experienced individuals, I’ve encountered the challenge of showing the impact that I can make, and this pushed me to work exceptionally hard and come up with innovative ideas to demonstrate the impact I can make.”


“One of the milestones I’m proud of in my career is leading Webteb through a period of transformation, making it the leading Health and Wellness Platform in the MENA region. Through strategic initiatives and innovative solutions, we’ve expanded our reach and impact, providing invaluable resources to millions of individuals, and becoming the trusted partner for the biggest International and regional healthcare institutions. Our success is rooted in our customer-centric approach, ensuring that our services and solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our users, thereby fostering stronger relationships and greater satisfaction.”

The work-life balance

“Maintaining a work-life balance is an ongoing journey for me, and to be honest, I’m still working on achieving it. I recognize the importance of this balance for my overall well-being, so I’m committed to making strides in this area. I prioritize tasks, delegate responsibilities, and set boundaries to carve out time for personal pursuits and family. It’s a process of trial and error, but I’m dedicated to finding what works best for me and continually striving to improve in this aspect.”

Advice to future businesswomen

“My advice to other women aspiring to succeed in the business world is to believe in themselves and to see difficulties as opportunities. Focus on continuous learning and development, and do not be afraid to take risks. Surround yourself with a supportive network, and always strive to make a positive impact. I foresee women taking on more leadership roles across various industries, driving innovation, and advocating for gender equality in the workplace. With a growing emphasis on diversity and inclusion, I believe women will continue to break barriers and contribute significantly to the future of business.”

The motivation factor “My motivation comes from the impact I can make on people’s lives. Knowing that our work at Webteb positively influences health outcomes and empowers individuals fuels my drive to push boundaries and achieve greater success. I am committed to leading by example, inspiring others, and leaving a lasting legacy of positive change in the healthcare and technology sectors.”