The Space Safe: Real Security Driven By Technological Innovations And Changing Consumer Demands

The Space Safe

It’s no secret that the security camera and advanced security app market have been evolving rapidly, driven by technological innovations, and changing consumer demands. The integration of AI, IoT, and mobile technologies is enhancing the capabilities and usability of security systems. Companies that can balance advanced features with user-friendly interfaces and robust privacy protections are likely to succeed in this competitive landscape. The current market landscape for security cameras and advanced security apps is characterized by rapid technological advancements, increased demand for smart home security solutions, and evolving consumer preferences. AI and machine learning are transforming security cameras by enabling advanced features like facial recognition, object detection, and behavioral analytics. There’s no surprise that the safe industry would be the next to come around.

“My inspiration for creating SPACE and The Space Safe struck during a late-night conversation with a friend who had recently experienced a bad home burglary. As we discussed the details of what had happened, I was moved by my friend’s experience. After our conversation, I began to research more about safes and found that many of the safes currently being sold were just outdated, had significant security limitations, such as poor-quality metal and easily breakable designs, and just a lack of innovation. It became clear that the industry was overdue for a complete upgrade.”

Combining his passion for technology with a desire to enhance security, he envisioned a safe that offered true protection for valuables. He wanted to take it a step further by providing real-time monitoring. Recognizing that burglaries often occur when people are not home, he aimed to develop a new way to monitor safes remotely. His safes feature advanced tamper detection and cameras, making them the most advanced safes ever created. Motivated by the need for smarter security solutions, Oscar set out to design The Space Safe, integrating high-quality materials, biometric access, remote control features, and a sleek design to offer peace of mind in an increasingly digital world. “SPACE offers real peace of mind with several models, each designed with its own unique set of features to meet different security needs,” says Oscar Hedaya, Founder.

The initial challenge

“During the inception of The Space Safe, I faced many challenges because, unlike most products, this product was created from the ground up and contained technology that was never used before in this industry and in this manner. Therefore, we were required to use several different disciplinary teams, including electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and software developers. We had to create customized PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) boards and code them to interact with every unique piece of technology we were connecting to the safe. Due to the use of a touchscreen interface, we had to create a custom safe operating system for the software and design its own UI. Because of the custom software and hardware for the electronics, there was extensive software development, coding, and designing for both the safe software and the mobile app.”

Our Services

“At SPACE, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance security and provide peace of mind for our customers. Our primary focus is on the design and development of advanced security products, particularly our state-of-the-art smart safes. These safes integrate the latest technology to provide unparalleled protection, ensuring that our customers’ valuables are always secure. By continuously enhancing features and security measures, including custom software development and tailored security solutions, we ensure that our safes remain up-to-date with the latest advancements in security technology, providing ongoing peace of mind with state of the art product for our customers.

One of our key offerings is custom software development. We understand that each customer has unique security needs, which is why our team works closely with major clients to create tailored security solutions. This involves developing unique features and writing software to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance of our safes. Our focus on customization ensures that our products meet the specific requirements of each client, whether large or small, providing them with a robust and reliable security solution.

In addition to our product design and customization services, we offer a subscription service that significantly enhances the functionality of our smart safes. While live streaming from the safe’s cameras is available for free at any time, our subscription service provides additional benefits. Subscribers can access historical video footage, allowing them to go back in time and review past events. This feature is particularly useful for monitoring and investigating incidents that may have occurred when the live stream was not being actively monitored.

By offering these comprehensive services, SPACE is committed to providing the highest level of security and support to our customers. Our dedication to innovation and customization ensures that we meet the evolving needs of a digital world, delivering products and services that provide unparalleled protection and peace of mind.”

Our clientele

“Our customers love us! We are the answer they’ve always been looking for. We provide an extremely secure product that solves many issues they’ve had with other products. Best of all, we give them a constant connection to their valuables with our mobile app. At SPACE, we serve a diverse range of clients, including individuals and families who use our safes to protect valuables and documents. Businesses in the retail, hospitality, and healthcare sectors rely on our safes to secure cash and sensitive information. Additionally, we cater to short-term rentals and hotels by providing secure storage for guests with remote management, as well as educational institutions such as schools and universities, securing sensitive information and equipment. By catering to various sectors, SPACE demonstrates the versatility and reliability of our products.”

Future Roadmap

“At SPACE, our future roadmap focuses on continuous innovation and expanding our reach. We plan to continue to create never seen unique products by incorporating the latest technologies in all of our products, aiming to make our customers’ lives easier. We want everyone to feel safe, and we plan to give everyone in the world the ability to own our products. Expanding globally, we aim to establish a presence in new international markets through strategic partnerships and distribution networks. We will continue investing in research and development to explore new technologies and innovations. Additionally, we plan to engage more with our community through educational programs, partnerships, and participation in industry events. By focusing on these areas, SPACE aims to solidify its position as a leader in the security industry and continue providing innovative, reliable, and user-friendly security solutions to our customers,” concluded Oscar Hedaya.