Smooth Sale: Leader Who Stands Out For Encouraging Growth

The landscape for women in sales is improving, with increasing recognition of the value they bring to sales teams and a growing number of initiatives aimed at supporting their careers. However, challenges such as gender bias and work-life balance issues remain. Companies that actively promote diversity, provide supportive resources, and leverage technology to create flexible work environments are likely to see the most success in attracting and retaining talented women in sales.

“Upon being ‘encouraged’ to quit my eleventh sales position once again (a yearly event as I was the top producer and an embarrassment to the men), I finally took a day off just for me. I stopped for a red light, but the person behind me was unaware and rammed into the back of my car at full speed. Upon enduring pain for ten years, I say ‘thankfully’ as a passenger on a rainy night; the car skidded into a lamp post for me to say, ‘You better call an ambulance,” adds Stutz, Founder, Smooth Sales.

My Life Was About to Change for the Better

I’m a rare person who had a near-death experience while awaiting admittance to the hospital. A beautiful gold light encased my entire body while two visions appeared. The first was indicated I was to become a speaker inspiring audience, to which I fervently said, Yes! (in my mind). That vision faded, and the next appeared. I had high life marks, but the right-hand side entitled ‘Community Service’ was completely blank. At that instant, I pledged to begin giving back to communities however I may, but as a salesperson, I added, ‘But I need to be able to walk out of this hospital on my own to do my best work.’ A blink of a gold light indicated to me I would recover.

I created my business plan in the ICU. Upon being heavily medicated the next morning, I heard the surgeon say, ‘Mrs. Stutz, when you wake up, you will likely be paralyzed.’ Being a sales professional, I knew he didn’t expect me to survive. Given what happened the previous night, I used his words to let him know I fully expected to be well. Hours later, he stood over me to say, ‘You are a walking miracle!’ Believe, Become, Empower’ Upon recovering from the broken neck the saying became my mantra. It translated to (believing you can become the person you envision and empower others to advance similarly).

The Initial Challenges

“Upon moving to San Francisco and attending a large event, I was asked to introduce myself on stage. Humiliation took over, as no one believed I could know enough to be a sales trainer. The ridicule and nasty laughter were horrific. Thankfully, as I stepped off the stage, someone grabbed me and advised me to write a book to establish credibility.

Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results, Sourcebooks, was featured in TIME Magazine and ABC-TV news, quickly became an International Bestseller and later, Evergreen – among the classics.

Why is it so popular? I refer to the book as a corporate tell-all, with names changed to protect the guilty! I wanted every working female to know it’s okay to speak up for oneself with examples of what I did. Even better, I shared all of my top-producing sales techniques for readers to advance their skills and careers.

In the meantime, I delivered inspirational keynotes at conferences to receive standing ovations and thunderous applause.

After moving across the country, again, I was not accepted at business events. Blogging was new then, so I decided to make that my community service project by delivering my best insights into entrepreneurship and business growth, including selling skills. Gradually, I began asking leaders from varying industries to contribute their insights for a comprehensive effort to help audiences reach their goals. Today, the Smooth Sale Blog enjoys a wide-reaching and collaborative audience.

Mission and Vision

“Based on my near-death experience, my mission is to help blog readers advance their careers or businesses. I also have leaders from varying industries share their experiences and lessons learned; all together we provide a wide array of learning insights to achieve the goal of having our readership achieve the success they desire.”

Our Services

The Smooth Sale Blog, provides knowledge concerning Sales, Business Development, Leadership, Communication, Marketing, Branding, Goal Setting, and all related topics applicable to most industries.

Additionally, two books are beneficial, one for sales success and the other for interviewing well to be the selected candidate:

Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results, Sourcebooks, is an International Best-Seller and Evergreen among the classics!

The Differentiating factors

“Numerous priorities plus approaches to business and clients distinguish what we do. Gone are the days of competitiveness; a marketing genius taught me to collaborate and use attraction marketing to sell products and services. It was scary at first, but I found it worked like a charm, and it is my mantra today. Moreover, my first goal is to ensure that I help my clientele.”

The Clientele

“The Smooth Sale clientele is seeking to advance their careers in business or entrepreneurship. They are generally at the beginning or intermediate stage of their work and seeking to learn what they can.”

The Work Culture

“First and foremost, every idea deserves consideration, and it is best to weigh all the pros and cons of questionable ones to arrive at a better decision. Our audience is global, the time zones vary, and we must respect private time. Additionally, it gives even more importance to respecting varying cultures and welcoming all ideas. Last, all assumptions are to be dropped from habitual activity.”

Future Roadmap

“My goal is to continue encouraging women, in particular, to speak up with a professional tone to ensure their full-fledged rights as humans, citizens, and people who want to deliver their best for future generations,” concluded Stutz.

HRBoost: Specializing In Building HR From Scratch And Implementing Practices That Add Value

The HR solutions market is vibrant and growing, driven by the need for more efficient and effective HR management. Technological advancements, particularly in AI, ML, and cloud computing, are transforming the landscape, offering new opportunities for innovation and growth. Companies that prioritize user experience, data security, and customization, and that can successfully navigate integration and change management challenges, are well-positioned to thrive in this dynamic market.

“I founded HRBoost in July 2010. As Founder and CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer), I have the privilege of leading a high-performance team of HR leaders to partner with businesses and meet them wherever they are on their journey to being the best place to work. We have experienced tremendous growth and proudly nearly every client has been sourced via word of mouth,” says Nicole Martin, Founder.

Our Services

“We have diversified our offerings by allowing our clients to engage us on an ala carte, project, or retainer basis. This provides multiple ways in which our clients can choose to contract with us. Essentially, it is our mission to meet them wherever they are on their journey to be the best place to work. Whether they are a small, growing business or a large, corporate employer, we can address their specific needs at a price point and service level that is customized for them to maximize their investment. In addition, we deliver talent, not software. Tools are only as good as the people behind them,” added the Founder.

The Initial Challenges

“The greatest enemy of success is fear. My business had high growth and with high growth comes challenge. I had to get access to financing and attract skilled talent who believed in the brand promise, and the most difficult challenge was overcoming fear. Being a disruptor in the industry, you can get attention from big competition and calls can come in for acquisition before you even realize you are profitable. Staying true to the vision, my values and keeping the faith led to a solid team, and together we bring joy and purpose to people through their work.”

The differentiating factor

“Our goal at HRBOOST is to understand the company’s specific objectives and design HR solutions that can help them meet these objectives while working in connection with your P&L.  Our professionals take a hands-on approach to ensure that the metrics and deliverables of your HR plan are on track and help move your business forward.

We have diversified our offerings by allowing our clients to engage us on an ala carte, project, or retainer basis. This provides multiple ways in which our clients can choose to contract with us. Essentially, it is our mission to meet them wherever they are on their journey to be a best place to work. Whether they are a small, growing business or a large, corporate employer, we can address their specific needs at a price point and service level that is customized for them to maximize their investment. In addition, we deliver talent not software. Tools are only as good as the people behind them.”

The Mission and Vision

“I lead a high-performance team of HR leaders to partner with businesses and meet them wherever they are on their journey to being a best place to work. We have experienced tremendous growth and proudly nearly every client has been sourced via word of mouth. Results matter and we measure to our own standard of excellence which keeps HR making a tangible impact on the businesses we serve. HRBoost offers a full range of services on both a consulting and outsourced basis. Our solutions are based on strategic HR leadership and the latest thinking in the field of human resource management. Whether you are simply looking for guidance on a particular human resources matter or to implement a complete human resources support solution, HRBoost can add value to your business. We ground our practice between the two fundamental constructs of efficiency and effectiveness. Thus, we aim to be proactive not just responsive. Internally, our core values are what our team lives in practice. Through peer-based recognition, our values become tangible and understood in a common language,” adds Martin.

Our Clientele

“HRBoost has served businesses spanning various industry sectors. Our clients have included Professional Services, Non-Profit, High Tech, Manufacturing, Staffing firms, Hospitality and Healthcare environments to name a few. Our clients are typically high growth businesses with 50 to 250 employees though we have served smaller and larger businesses with up to 500 employees on a project basis. We specialize in building HR departments from scratch and we are proudly recognized as a 2017 Annual Awardee for Business Excellence (AABE) by the Daily Herald Business Ledger,” says Martin.


The market landscape for companies providing Human Resources (HR) solutions is evolving rapidly, driven by technological advancements, changing workforce dynamics, and the need for more efficient and effective HR processes. The global HR solutions market is experiencing significant growth, with a valuation running into tens of billions of dollars. This growth is driven by the increasing need for organizations to manage their human capital more effectively.

The Leaders Perspective: Playing A crucial Role In The Success And Growth Of Organizations Across Various Industries

Business consulting and services play a crucial role in the success and growth of organizations across various industries. The importance of business consulting and services is evident in their ability to enhance organizational performance, drive strategic initiatives, and provide critical expertise and support. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of consultants, businesses can achieve sustainable growth, efficiency, and competitive advantage.

The Leader’s Perspective was established to bring the best of two gifts together. In my 20 years of organizational leadership, I was creating the most value when I was either contributing strategic thinking and facilitation or coaching others for leadership. I was not the best at the other business mechanics of running a nonprofit (like fundraising or finance). But I was effective at casting vision, framing priorities, and coaching others. Ultimately, I wanted to place myself where I could have the greatest impact, and I have found since the 8 years since we launched TLP that this is the sweet spot,” says Dr. Patrick Jinks, President, The Leadr`s Perspective.

The man behind the scene

As an award-winning professional photographer, Dr. Patrick Jinks knows the value of viewing challenges through the right lenses to achieve success. After a successful 22-year career in organizational leadership, Patrick changed lenses to serve leaders from another perspective. Today, he coaches and trains leaders in both the social and corporate sectors. Patrick is a multi-best-selling author and member of the National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers.

With a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, Patrick regularly contributes to as a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. He is a Board-Certified Coach, certified adjunct coach and trainer with Leadership Systems, Inc., and certified Influencer trainer with VitalSmarts. He is also certified as an Academy of Choice coach. He is a teaching supporter of the Right Question Institute and holds a Harvard Business School Certificate in using the Question Formulation Technique (QFT).

Patrick has been featured as a GameChanger and a Master of Success in USA Today and The Wall Street Journal respectively, for his fresh take on nonprofit strategy and leadership through The Strategic Coaching Continuum. He was recognized as one of the Top 10 Most Influential People in Leadership Coaching by CIO Views Magazine, and as the “Most Successful Leadership Coach to Watch in 2024” by Enterprise Wired Magazine. His speaking stages range from The Citadel to Universal Studios, and from TEDx to The United Nations. Patrick’s globally-acclaimed podcast, The Leadership Window is a Feedspot Top-10 podcast for social sector leadership.

Mission and Vision

“At TLP, we start with purpose before mission. We first answer the ‘why’ question. We are here because of four realities in the social sector:

  1. Leading change is complex.
  2. Progress in the sector takes longer than it should.
  3. Scarcity is a prevailing mindset.
  4. Leadership can be a lonely place.

Our vision (also part of our why) is the opposite of the above. We want faster, more resourced, more agile, and more effective leaders and organizations that have clarity, simplicity, and alignment in all their work.

With that purpose in mind, our mission (our charge) is to help organizational leaders and their teams achieve meaningful action on their committed, aligned mission objectives, and we do it by providing leaders with access to world-class leadership, strategy, and culture coaching.”

Client-Centric Service

“We take a coaching approach to everything we do, but in the traditional sense that we know organizations are familiar with, we provide strategic planning, employee engagement measurement and training, organizational culture mapping, and leadership coaching for both teams and individuals.”

The differentiating factor

“We are a coaching company BEFORE we are a consulting company. I often tell my clients that the value we create with them comes not from answering their questions but from questioning their answers. We bring a powerful inquiry stance that draws out and elevates our clients’ best thinking toward their own goals, solutions, and dreams.

I bring a blend of natural talent, deep training, and organizational experience to the coaching table. My gifts include deep listening, synthesizing, challenging, and framing. My training includes an MBA and a PhD in organizational leadership, as well as numerous coaching certifications, including board certification from the Centre for Credentialing and Education (CCE). My experience spans over two decades of organizational executive leadership experience and success.”

Our clientele

“Most of TLP’s clients are in the social sector since that is where my experience and knowledge lie. I can relate to the nuanced challenges nonprofit leaders face. However, I have coached leaders from Fortune 500 Companies, government agencies, and philanthropic foundations. The leaders I gain the most fulfillment from coaching are those who are constantly striving for what’s next in their leadership effectiveness. They are passionate about their missions and dedicated to continually learning and growing.”

Future roadmap

“In the spirit we encourage our clients to embrace, we are always looking ahead to what will constitute the ‘next level’ for TLP. The next couple of years are shaping up to be very significant for growth. We will be adding certified, adjunct coaches to the team as we move more into the coaching training space. We currently deliver a 30-hour, online, on-demand training for leadership coaches, that the CCE has approved as eligible training hours toward board certification. We are also in the middle of a major project involving international corporate coaching training design,” concluded, Dr. Patrick Jinks.

Legacy Architect: Blueprinting Generational Wealth for Our Family

On this journey called life, we must understand that we are the architects of our legacy for generations to come. The following quote helps you understand why creating your blueprint is so important.

“Building generational wealth is not just about acquiring assets; it’s about crafting a legacy that transcends time, creating a blueprint for success that echoes through the corridors of generations to come.”

I learned when I was 18 years old how important it was to develop a positive mindset and having daily affirmations are the cornerstone to developing a positive mindset. Here are two affirmations that can change the trajectory of your legacy blueprint.

“I am the architect of my legacy, weaving a tapestry of financial wisdom and prosperity that will endure for generations.”

“Every financial decision I make is a brick in the foundation of generational wealth, securing a brighter future for my family and those who follow.”

Although experience is considered the best teacher, learning from those who have had the experience can shorten your time learning.

Meet Laquana, a self-made entrepreneur who transformed a small family business into a thriving empire. Through disciplined financial management, strategic investments, and a commitment to educating her children about financial literacy, Sarah not only secured her own financial success but also paved the way for her family’s prosperity for generations to come. Sarah’s story exemplifies the power of visionary thinking and intentional actions in building a legacy of generational wealth.

These elements, combined, offer insights and guidance for you to architect your own legacy, establishing a solid foundation for financial success that will endure and benefit future generations.

Now, you can go further on your journey and implement these five action steps to achieve your goals on your journey of building your legacy of generational wealth.

Define Your Legacy Vision:

Clearly articulate your vision for the legacy you want to leave behind. What values, principles, and financial milestones do you want to pass on to future generations? Define your long-term objectives to guide your financial decisions and wealth-building strategies.

Develop a Comprehensive Financial Plan:

Work with financial advisors to create a detailed financial plan that aligns with your legacy vision. This plan should encompass savings, investments, estate planning, and risk management. Regularly revisit and adjust the plan as your financial situation and goals evolve over time.

Prioritize Education and Financial Literacy:

Empower your family members with financial education. Ensure that the next generations understand the principles of budgeting, investing, and wealth management. Foster a culture of financial literacy within your family, providing the tools for informed decision-making and responsible stewardship of assets.

Diversify Investments for Long-Term Growth:

Implement a diversified investment strategy that balances risk and reward. Explore various investment vehicles such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and other assets. Diversification not only protects against market fluctuations but also enhances the potential for long-term growth, contributing to the sustainability of generational wealth.

Establish a Family Governance Structure:

Create a family governance structure that includes clear guidelines on wealth management, decision-making processes, and communication strategies. This structure can help prevent conflicts, ensure continuity of values, and provide a framework for future generations to actively participate in the stewardship of the family’s financial legacy.

By taking these steps, you lay the foundation for a lasting and impactful financial legacy. The proactive approach to financial planning, education, and governance outlined in these steps will contribute to the creation of generational wealth that endures through the years.

For more information or to learn more about implementation, contact Dr. JoAnn Ajayi-Scott on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Alignable or BeeKonnected

About the Author

Dr. JoAnn Ajayi-Scott has a PhD in Organizational Leadership. However, her financial expertise began with a BA in Economics, and she was the #2 sales agent in the country for ITT Life right out of college. Over the years, she never borrowed money from the bank but learned to Be Her Own Bank by borrowing against her cash value in annuities to buy homes and other large purchases over the years. Now, She is a licensed Insurance Broker, with emphasis on helping families protect themselves, Build their own Bank and a Legacy of Generational Wealth.

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Why Has Something As Simple As Eating Become So Complex?

In modern times, we are beginning to rely on drugs to curb our appetites. But what has happened to our innate ability to regulate eating? Consider an infant: An infant instinctively knows when to start eating by feeling hungry—a natural cue that guides their nourishment.  This intrinsic mechanism guided us from birth, ensuring we ate when necessary. While eating, our taste buds—numbering over 10,000—helped us discern flavors and determine what was suitable for us. This intricate system reflects the body’s inherent wisdom, finely tuned to balance our needs and preferences.  And guess what? We were also given a signal to stop eating once our hunger had simply gone away—not when we felt full, but when we reached a neutral state. This sensation of “nothingness” means we’ve addressed our hunger and achieved a natural balance without any discomfort or pressure against the stomach. Unfortunately, external influences have led us to ignore these cues, pushing us to eat beyond the point where hunger is satisfied. By overlooking this subtle internal message, we lose touch with our natural eating boundaries and the body’s ability to guide us through a balanced, intuitive approach to eating. 

Choosing foods that feel good to you is crucial beyond satisfying hunger. Why? Because your choices reflect your identity, and selecting foods that resonate with you allows you to truly feel their effects. External judgments often cloud this intuitive process. Consider the conflicting research: shrimp is touted for health benefits, yet it may trigger reactions in some individuals. Is shrimp healthy for you if it causes a reaction? You are the ultimate authority on what foods are beneficial for your unique body. Research may offer insights based on statistical averages, but individual responses vary widely. We each possess a distinct set of taste buds and bodily responses—this is the wisdom of the body. Therefore, it’s essential to base your food choices on how they make YOU feel.

In addition to shaping our identity, it’s essential to take ownership of both the start and stop of our eating decisions. If we feel we shouldn’t eat a certain food but give in, how can we effectively control when to stop? Consider this scenario: You’ve made a decision to avoid chocolate. Then one day, you indulge and find it hard to stop. You might rationalize by saying, “I might as well keep eating and start fresh later,” or feel like you’ve failed altogether. However, if you own the decision to start, there’s no need to justify continuing beyond your boundaries or to feel like you’ve failed. This mindset is crucial in understanding and maintaining your eating boundaries. We must assert control over both starting and stopping with each food choice, not driven by failure but by how each food makes us feel when we decide to indulge or refrain.

However, once we lose touch with our natural hunger cues and disrupt our eating patterns, returning to a balanced state can be challenging. Often, we start using food as a tool to quickly fix unpleasant emotions, kick-start activity, or seek additional pleasure. The issue is that eating does momentarily provide these benefits—it can make us feel better instantly, the act of chewing can prompt us to move, and it can create a fleeting sense of connection with ourselves. Yet, we are meant to use our own thoughts and actions, not food, as tools for managing our emotions and motivating our decisions. True connection and progress come from engaging with our feelings and taking deliberate steps forward, rather than relying on eating to fulfill these roles.

Once we begin using eating as a coping mechanism, it can become more influential than our own thoughts and actions. Have you ever experienced deciding not to eat, only to find yourself at the refrigerator shortly after? Or have you promised yourself not to overeat, only to break that promise? When eating is used inappropriately, it takes effort to understand the purpose behind using food to achieve what we sought in that moment.

It’s not as simple as deciding not to eat when not hungry; putting our use of eating back in order requires effort. To achieve this, it’s crucial to understand the role of taste and its connection to pleasure. Among our five senses—taste, sound, touch, sight, and smell—taste has distinct boundaries. Its intended purpose is to be utilized only when hunger signals it. The other four senses offer unlimited tools to help us manage emotions, take breaks when needed, or enhance our enjoyment of life.

Here’s a practical example of what to do when the urge to eat strikes, even when hunger isn’t present: A client of mine realized he felt a compelling desire to eat at 2 PM every afternoon, despite not being hungry. I posed a simple question: “Imagine, just for a moment, that eating didn’t exist. What would you do?” His initial confusion led to a realization about how eating had overshadowed his creative thoughts. Together, we brainstormed alternative activities—walking down the hall, looking out the window, listening to music—and his list grew. This approach helps break the automatic urge to eat and encourages reconnecting with personal thoughts and actions, gradually restoring a balanced relationship with food.

About the Author

Shirley Billigmeier- Author and Consultant

Company Name-  Innergetics

For more than 50 years, Shirley has been a coach, teacher, author, speaker, and body image specialist helping women, men, teens, and children resolve their issues with food and eating. She earned her Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees from the University of Minnesota in 1971 and 1975, respectfully.  The author of Inner Eating (Thomas Nelson 1991), she created Innergetics in 1994. Shirley has continued to refine the Innergetics process to make it a much more comprehensive, holistic solution than mindful eating alone. Innergetics offers tools that allow you to take a conscious, structured approach, so that you have more control over when you start and stop eating. Every baby is born knowing how to do this; Innergetics helps us recover that knowledge. Clients who adhere to this simple process not only lose weight but keep it off permanently. And they do it from a sense of abundance and respect for the body, rather than through deprivation and willpower. Innergetics will help you regain the true joy of eating. It will teach you how to tune in to your body and feed it what it needs, each and every time you eat. Shirley’s program is all about choice and respect; she will never tell you what to eat or when (that’s completely up to you). If you wait until you are hungry, you can eat whatever you want! Just this past year she developed an online course to teach the Innergetics Process to a wider audience.   To learn more about Shirley and her process, please visit    

Quote: “The appearance of the body is a visual, an interpretation of our brain. It is not a sensation felt internally, like hunger. Innergetics has proven that honoring the gut’s simple hunger and taste messages will result in a slender body that is balanced overall. In contrast, a narrow focus on the size of the body will only result in continuous struggle and frustration; intellectualizing about food actually blocks information that our body sends about hunger, satisfaction, and other needs and feelings. In essence, work is created where there is meant to be no work. Eating is natural, is pleasurable, gives energy, and was never meant to interfere with our creative minds.”

The Space Safe: Real Security Driven By Technological Innovations And Changing Consumer Demands

It’s no secret that the security camera and advanced security app market have been evolving rapidly, driven by technological innovations, and changing consumer demands. The integration of AI, IoT, and mobile technologies is enhancing the capabilities and usability of security systems. Companies that can balance advanced features with user-friendly interfaces and robust privacy protections are likely to succeed in this competitive landscape. The current market landscape for security cameras and advanced security apps is characterized by rapid technological advancements, increased demand for smart home security solutions, and evolving consumer preferences. AI and machine learning are transforming security cameras by enabling advanced features like facial recognition, object detection, and behavioral analytics. There’s no surprise that the safe industry would be the next to come around.

“My inspiration for creating SPACE and The Space Safe struck during a late-night conversation with a friend who had recently experienced a bad home burglary. As we discussed the details of what had happened, I was moved by my friend’s experience. After our conversation, I began to research more about safes and found that many of the safes currently being sold were just outdated, had significant security limitations, such as poor-quality metal and easily breakable designs, and just a lack of innovation. It became clear that the industry was overdue for a complete upgrade.”

Combining his passion for technology with a desire to enhance security, he envisioned a safe that offered true protection for valuables. He wanted to take it a step further by providing real-time monitoring. Recognizing that burglaries often occur when people are not home, he aimed to develop a new way to monitor safes remotely. His safes feature advanced tamper detection and cameras, making them the most advanced safes ever created. Motivated by the need for smarter security solutions, Oscar set out to design The Space Safe, integrating high-quality materials, biometric access, remote control features, and a sleek design to offer peace of mind in an increasingly digital world. “SPACE offers real peace of mind with several models, each designed with its own unique set of features to meet different security needs,” says Oscar Hedaya, Founder.

The initial challenge

“During the inception of The Space Safe, I faced many challenges because, unlike most products, this product was created from the ground up and contained technology that was never used before in this industry and in this manner. Therefore, we were required to use several different disciplinary teams, including electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and software developers. We had to create customized PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) boards and code them to interact with every unique piece of technology we were connecting to the safe. Due to the use of a touchscreen interface, we had to create a custom safe operating system for the software and design its own UI. Because of the custom software and hardware for the electronics, there was extensive software development, coding, and designing for both the safe software and the mobile app.”

Our Services

“At SPACE, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance security and provide peace of mind for our customers. Our primary focus is on the design and development of advanced security products, particularly our state-of-the-art smart safes. These safes integrate the latest technology to provide unparalleled protection, ensuring that our customers’ valuables are always secure. By continuously enhancing features and security measures, including custom software development and tailored security solutions, we ensure that our safes remain up-to-date with the latest advancements in security technology, providing ongoing peace of mind with state of the art product for our customers.

One of our key offerings is custom software development. We understand that each customer has unique security needs, which is why our team works closely with major clients to create tailored security solutions. This involves developing unique features and writing software to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance of our safes. Our focus on customization ensures that our products meet the specific requirements of each client, whether large or small, providing them with a robust and reliable security solution.

In addition to our product design and customization services, we offer a subscription service that significantly enhances the functionality of our smart safes. While live streaming from the safe’s cameras is available for free at any time, our subscription service provides additional benefits. Subscribers can access historical video footage, allowing them to go back in time and review past events. This feature is particularly useful for monitoring and investigating incidents that may have occurred when the live stream was not being actively monitored.

By offering these comprehensive services, SPACE is committed to providing the highest level of security and support to our customers. Our dedication to innovation and customization ensures that we meet the evolving needs of a digital world, delivering products and services that provide unparalleled protection and peace of mind.”

Our clientele

“Our customers love us! We are the answer they’ve always been looking for. We provide an extremely secure product that solves many issues they’ve had with other products. Best of all, we give them a constant connection to their valuables with our mobile app. At SPACE, we serve a diverse range of clients, including individuals and families who use our safes to protect valuables and documents. Businesses in the retail, hospitality, and healthcare sectors rely on our safes to secure cash and sensitive information. Additionally, we cater to short-term rentals and hotels by providing secure storage for guests with remote management, as well as educational institutions such as schools and universities, securing sensitive information and equipment. By catering to various sectors, SPACE demonstrates the versatility and reliability of our products.”

Future Roadmap

“At SPACE, our future roadmap focuses on continuous innovation and expanding our reach. We plan to continue to create never seen unique products by incorporating the latest technologies in all of our products, aiming to make our customers’ lives easier. We want everyone to feel safe, and we plan to give everyone in the world the ability to own our products. Expanding globally, we aim to establish a presence in new international markets through strategic partnerships and distribution networks. We will continue investing in research and development to explore new technologies and innovations. Additionally, we plan to engage more with our community through educational programs, partnerships, and participation in industry events. By focusing on these areas, SPACE aims to solidify its position as a leader in the security industry and continue providing innovative, reliable, and user-friendly security solutions to our customers,” concluded Oscar Hedaya. A Service That Provides Tailored Solutions To Companies, Ensuring Their Employees And Leaders Receive The Right Support At the Right Time.

The digital coaching market is poised for continued growth, driven by ongoing innovations in technology, increasing organizational focus on employee development, and the need for adaptable, scalable coaching solutions. As more organizations recognize the value of coaching in enhancing productivity and employee engagement, the demand for digital coaching services is expected to rise, leading to further advancements and possibly more consolidation in the industry. was founded six years ago, motivated by a powerful vision and a set of core inspirations. The first inspiration was the recognition of the need for accessible learning, coaching, and training opportunities for every employee and leader, regardless of their location. The objective was to provide solutions and services that could deliver the right solutions to the right person at the right time, ensuring that everyone received personalized support tailored to their specific needs and career goals. This vision aimed to make professional development a seamless and integral part of everyday work life.

The second driving force behind the establishment of was the potential to combine cutting-edge artificial intelligence with the insights and expertise of global human professionals. This unique approach promised to offer solutions that were not only innovative but also deeply informed by human experience and wisdom. By leveraging AI to process vast amounts of data and deliver precise recommendations, and by integrating the nuanced understanding of experienced coaches and trainers, set out to create a holistic and effective approach to talent development and management.

The third inspiration was the desire to build as a fluid and agile organization. In a rapidly changing business landscape, the ability to adapt and evolve is crucial. was designed to be responsive to the ever-changing needs of its customers, capable of growing and shifting its strategies and services in alignment with emerging trends and challenges. This agility ensures that remains relevant and effective, continually providing value to its clients.

Together, these three inspirations personalized learning and development, the synergy of AI and human expertise, and organizational agility formed the bedrock of’s mission. The company continues to thrive on this foundation, striving to empower organizations and individuals through innovative, AI-driven solutions and expert guidance.

The initial challenge

During its inception, faced several significant challenges. One of the primary hurdles was creating awareness and acceptance of the innovative approach of combining AI with human expertise. Many potential clients were initially skeptical about the effectiveness of AI-driven solutions, fearing that they might replace human jobs or lack the personalized touch that traditional methods offer. Overcoming this challenge required extensive demonstrations and pilot projects to showcase the tangible benefits and complementary nature of AI and human expertise. By presenting real-world success stories and empirical data, gradually built trust and acceptance among its target audience.

Another major challenge was fostering an understanding of the necessity for agile working methods and the importance of ongoing transformation within organizations. Many companies were accustomed to static processes and were hesitant to embrace the dynamic, flexible approaches advocated by To address this, invested in educational initiatives, workshops, and seminars aimed at illustrating the advantages of agility in a fast-paced business environment. They demonstrated how agile practices could lead to faster decision-making, improved innovation, and greater adaptability to market

Services offers a comprehensive range of services designed to prepare companies for the future, focusing on consulting, training, coaching, and talent management. Our services include:

Consulting: We provide strategic guidance to help companies become future-ready. This involves analysing current processes, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing AI-driven solutions that enhance efficiency and adaptability. Our consulting services ensure that organizations are equipped to meet future challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Training and Coaching: Our training programs and coaching sessions are designed for reskilling and upskilling employees and leaders. We use a combination of AI technology and insights from over 100 global trainers and coaches to deliver personalized learning experiences. These programs are tailored to the unique needs of each individual, ensuring they gain the skills necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing business environment.

Talent Management: We offer innovative talent management solutions that leverage AI to identify, develop, and retain top talent within organizations. Our approach ensures that companies can effectively manage their human resources, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and high performance. By integrating advanced technology with expert human insights, we help organizations build and maintain a dynamic, skilled workforce.

Clientele serves a diverse and extensive clientele across various industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. “Our clients range from large multinational corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who are looking to enhance their talent management and operational efficiency through advanced AI solutions and expert human guidance.”

Future roadmap

At, we see ourselves as forward thinkers, committed to paving the way for our clients and customers by continually finding innovative solutions. Our future roadmap is centred around the seamless integration of new AI advancements with the expertise of our global human trainers and coaches. We believe that this unique combination will continue to drive our success and the success of our clients.

About  Ralf Schreiber.  Founder / CEO. 

As a dynamic CEO, I am at the vanguard of digital transformation, steering ventures into the future with a focus on digital coaching and training. My two decades of experience in consulting and project management have honed my expertise in navigating the digital landscape, particularly in leveraging AI to enhance learning and operational efficiencies.

My passion lies in empowering organizations to thrive in the digital age by embracing AI-enhanced learning platforms and strategies tailored to their unique challenges and ambitions. This ensures not only immediate improvements but also sets the foundation for long-term growth and success.

Leadership for me is about being a ‘Visionär’—a pioneer who not only keeps pace with technological advancements but also shapes them. I emphasize the integration of AI with the invaluable insights that only human coaching can provide, creating a comprehensive learning experience that evolves with the needs of both individuals and businesses.

I am a lifelong learner, always expanding my knowledge and adapting to the latest digital trends. I believe that continuous learning is essential for fostering innovation and maintaining a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Looking forward, I am excited to continue developing initiatives that blend the latest in technology with the transformative potential of human interaction, redefining the landscape of digital coaching and training for the betterment of individuals and organizations alike. My vision is to lead in setting new standards in the industry, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of digital transformation and deliver unparalleled value to our clients.

As a dynamic CEO, I am at the vanguard of digital transformation, steering ventures into the future with a focus on digital coaching and training. My two decades of experience in consulting and project management have honed my expertise in navigating the digital landscape, particularly in leveraging AI to enhance learning and operational efficiencies.

My passion lies in empowering organizations to thrive in the digital age by embracing AI-enhanced learning platforms and strategies tailored to their unique challenges and ambitions. This ensures not only immediate improvements but also sets the foundation for long-term growth and success.

Leadership for me is about being a ‘Visionär’—a pioneer who not only keeps pace with technological advancements but also shapes them. I emphasize the integration of AI with the invaluable insights that only human coaching can provide, creating a comprehensive learning experience that evolves with the needs of both individuals and businesses.

I am a lifelong learner, always expanding my knowledge and adapting to the latest digital trends. I believe that continuous learning is essential for fostering innovation and maintaining a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Looking forward, I am excited to continue developing initiatives that blend the latest in technology with the transformative potential of human interaction, redefining the landscape of digital coaching and training for the betterment of individuals and organizations alike. My vision is to lead in setting new standards in the industry, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of digital transformation and deliver unparalleled value to our clients.

ScrubzBody: Make Customers Feel Pampered And Special

The skincare industry is thriving, characterized by innovation, consumer-driven trends, and a strong focus on sustainability and personalization. As consumer awareness and demand for high-quality, effective, and safe skincare products continue to rise, the industry is expected to maintain its robust growth trajectory. Brands that can adapt to changing consumer preferences, leverage technological advancements, and prioritize sustainability are likely to succeed in this competitive landscape.

ScrubzBody was founded by Roberta Perry to make customers feel pampered and special and important. “We consider ourselves a customer service/experience business, that happens to sell skincare, as opposed to the other way around. This way, we fulfill the happiness factor first,” added Perry, CEO, ScrubzBody.

The inception story

“I was a work-from-home mom, juggling 2 freelance careers, a husband, and 3 kids. I somehow managed to get all my work done and take care of the family, but I forgot to take care of myself. My skin suffered and was so dry and chapped it hurt. One day in a meeting, I scratched my elbow, and drops of blood hit my papers. I realized it was time to do something for my skin.

I found scrub-type products, but none seemed to be satisfying what I believed could be a more multi-tasking product. Plus, salt scrubs made my eyes tear when they hit my cut, so they were out. I played around with different formulations and finally hit on one that could be used on both your face and body. One that would moisturize without being greasy.

My late sister, Michelle, knew we could sell it, so the product I made for my personal use became the cornerstone of our natural skincare company,” says the CEO.

The initial challenges

“First, it was the combination of long hours and schlepping the jars to an event and schlepping them home. It was fun and exciting, but exhausting and took time away from the family. Then it was marketing on a budget. How would we get the word out when our competition had deep pockets. We faced them one by one and gathered loyal customers along the way.”

Our Services

“We make oil-based sugar scrubs of various scents and varieties. We make lotions and balms and natural body and face oils. We sell products from independent makers that we love and use ourselves.

We host Make Your Own Scrubz parties, as well as local events that benefit the community, such as Law of Attraction, Reiki, Meditation, Mediumship, and more. We sell retail, online, wholesale on Faire, and help other businesses with our private label,” says Perry.

The differentiating factor

“We make super quality, high-end feeling skincare in a low-fuss product line, but it’s our customer service that sets us apart! We just got that as a comment on our 18th birthday post, “All Scrubz products are amazing, but it’s your customer service and smile that keeps us all coming back! Congratulations So, it is because we adore and respect every customer, whether you buy 15 jars of Scrubz or a simple bar of soap, we will treat you with the same love.”

Our clientele

“My clientele runs toward women who are 45-65 years old, who figured out that it is ok to treat themselves to some pampering but are still running around with the family or work, so they need something easier. Of course, we have men and teens and tweens and kids and older seniors because of all the parties and events we host, but that 45-65 block seems to be our pocket. We love treating them like family because they show a love and loyalty that humbles and excites us daily.”

The work culture

“It has always been one of family. My late sister, Michelle, who helped me get off the ground is still here in spirit every time we host a party, which was her idea. My parents would show up and help us with large orders, and my best friend, Wendy, stepped in when my sister passed in 2017. Even the part-time staff we hire becomes quickly embraced into our fold and shown how to treat customers with respect, love and gratitude. Wendy is the VP of Production so she is in charge of all things manufactured. I’ll do all the marketing and the daily running of the business. Part-time staff is all about sales and production. Somehow, with a tight staff, we manage to get it all done.”

Future Roadmap “Happily, the ScrubzBody Skin Care Products roadmap is very much a repeat of what we have been doing, just doing more of it. More events, more wholesale, reaching more customers at our shop, and helping more people feel better about themselves and their skin. I am working on a “Jot-down Journal” book series that incorporates self-care and love along with the ability to “write that sh*t down and turn the page”. It’s called Notes to Self – A Written Reminder That I Am Unique and Amazing and will be part of a series. I’ll sell them at the shop as well,” concluded Perry.

Leveraging Healthcare Solutions For Preventative Health

In recent years, the landscape of healthcare has undergone a profound transformation, with a notable shift towards preventive health measures. This paradigmatic change is not merely a trend but a strategic approach aimed at enhancing patient outcomes, reducing healthcare costs, and improving overall population health.

The Rise of Preventative Healthcare

Preventative healthcare focuses on measures to prevent illness and promote wellness rather than treating diseases after they have already occurred. This approach encompasses a range of interventions, from vaccinations and screenings to lifestyle modifications and patient education. The adoption of preventative health strategies has gained momentum due to their potential to mitigate the burden of chronic diseases, which are a significant driver of healthcare expenditures globally.

Preventative healthcare is increasingly on the rise due to its proactive approach in mitigating health risks before they escalate into serious conditions. This shift is driven by several factors: rising healthcare costs, an aging population, and a growing emphasis on improving overall population health outcomes. By focusing on early detection, lifestyle interventions, and personalized medicine powered by digital health technologies, preventative healthcare aims to enhance quality of life, reduce hospitalizations, and ultimately lower healthcare expenditures. This approach not only empowers individuals to take charge of their health but also enables healthcare systems to allocate resources more efficiently, creating a sustainable model for future healthcare delivery.

Key Trends in Healthcare Solutions

One of the pivotal trends shaping the landscape of preventative healthcare solutions is the integration of digital health technologies. These technologies encompass a wide array of innovations, including telehealth, wearables, AI algorithms for predictive analytics, and personalized medicine approaches. Telehealth, for instance, facilitates remote consultations and monitoring, enhancing access to healthcare services.

AI and machine learning algorithms play a crucial role in analyzing vast datasets to identify patterns and predict health risks before they manifest clinically. This capability not only aids in early disease detection but also enables personalized treatment plans tailored to individual patient profiles. Moreover, wearable devices equipped with sensors can track vital signs, physical activity levels, and sleep patterns, providing real-time data that empowers individuals to take proactive steps towards better health outcomes.

Challenges in Implementing Preventative Health Solutions

Despite the promising benefits of preventative healthcare solutions, several challenges hinder their widespread adoption. One significant hurdle is the integration of disparate healthcare systems and data silos, which often impede seamless information exchange and collaboration among healthcare providers. Additionally, regulatory and privacy concerns surrounding the collection, storage, and utilization of patient data pose ethical dilemmas and require stringent adherence to data protection laws.

Moreover, the digital divide remains a pertinent issue, with disparities in access to technology and digital literacy among different demographic groups. Addressing these disparities is crucial to ensuring equitable access to preventative healthcare services and achieving positive health outcomes across diverse populations.

Opportunities for Future Advancements

Looking ahead, there are several opportunities for advancing preventative healthcare solutions. Collaborative efforts between healthcare providers, technology innovators, and policymakers can foster the development of interoperable systems that facilitate seamless data sharing and enhance care coordination. Moreover, investing in public health initiatives and educational campaigns can promote health literacy and empower individuals to adopt healthier lifestyles.

Furthermore, the evolution of value-based care models incentivizes healthcare providers to prioritize preventive measures that promote long-term health and reduce hospital admissions and treatment costs. By aligning financial incentives with health outcomes, these models encourage a shift towards a proactive approach to healthcare delivery.

The shift towards preventative healthcare solutions signifies a profound paradigm shift in healthcare delivery, placing a strong emphasis on early intervention and comprehensive patient care strategies. The integration of digital health technologies, along with innovative approaches to data analytics and personalized medicine, plays a crucial role in driving this transformative agenda forward. While challenges like technological integration and regulatory complexities persist, the opportunities for enhancing population health outcomes and concurrently reducing healthcare expenditures through proactive, preventative measures are substantial and promising. By embracing these emerging trends and collaboratively addressing current challenges, stakeholders across the healthcare spectrum can effectively pave the way for a healthier, more resilient healthcare system that prioritizes proactive care and patient well-being.

Author Bio:

Joe Hawayek is the CEO of Diginova Health, a leading provider of digital health solutions. With over two decades of experience in the healthcare industry, Joe is passionate about leveraging technology to transform healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes. He is committed to advancing preventative health initiatives and fostering innovation in the digital health space.

Women In Business: Debbie Flevotomou Architects

Debbie Flevotomou’s journey in business and architecture is a testament to innovation, resilience, and the power of dreams. From the outset of her studies, Debbie’s unconventional ideas often faced skepticism. However, she refused to conform, persisting in her vision. “My dreams were deemed too audacious, my aspirations too grandiose,” she recalls, yet she forged ahead undeterred. Her perseverance led her to a prestigious role at Fosters+Partners, contributing to landmark projects like Kuwait International Airport and Masdar City in Abu Dhabi with an astonishing budget of £22 billion.

Despite these achievements, Debbie sought greater independence, founding Debbie Flevotomou Architects and with that the THINK NATURE movement. Her firm stands as a beacon of innovation, blending advanced technologies and sustainable practices. Debbie’s groundbreaking work, such as “The Great Reef,” a civic building and masterpiece in kinetic architecture, exemplifies her commitment to merging functionality with environmental mindfulness and will be a pioneering building in Saudi Arabia. Another one of her great achievements is securing five mega five-star hotel projects as well as a 2.2 km-long seafront masterplan in Tripoli, Libya.

Unfortunately, due to internal political conflicts, these projects were halted and remain indefinitely on hold. However, this setback didn’t deter Debbie. It serves as another example of her resilience and ability to persevere even in challenging circumstances. Her message to aspiring architects and businesswomen is clear: “Ignore the naysayers. Your potential knows no bounds. “Looking forward, Debbie is optimistic about the future of architecture, particularly the potential of AI and sustainable parametric design.

Biophilia, the innate human connection to nature, will be at the heart of all her designs. “By seamlessly integrating natural elements into our urban landscapes, we can create spaces that inspire, rejuvenate, and connect us to the world around us. Nature’s imagination and structure are so much greater than anyone could ever think of, so THINK NATURE. Her journey is a powerful reminder that with values and vision, dreams can become reality.

In her experience and observation, women leaders bring a distinctive strength to business leadership: the innate ability to cultivate win-win situations. Women often excel in creating collaborative environments where every individual’s input is valued and respected. Their emphasis on effective communication and empathy enables them to understand diverse perspectives and navigate challenges with a focus on finding mutually beneficial solutions. Debbie firmly believes that this inclusive leadership style not only fosters a positive work culture but also drives innovation and sustainable growth within organizations. Ultimately, by prioritizing win-win outcomes, women leaders like Debbie inspire trust, nurture stronger teams, and propel success in the dynamic landscape of modern business.

In promoting diversity and inclusion within her company and industry, Debbie Flevotomou prioritizes embracing individuals from diverse backgrounds and professions. She fosters an environment where open dialogue and collaboration are encouraged, recognizing that diverse perspectives drive innovation. Debbie ensures equal opportunities for career advancement and advocates for greater representation of underrepresented groups in leadership roles. Her commitment to diversity and inclusion enriches workplace culture and drives success in her company and the broader architecture industry.

For women aspiring to succeed in business, Debbie Flevotomou offers two key pieces of advice: resilience and dreaming big. She emphasizes the importance of bouncing back from setbacks and viewing challenges as opportunities for growth. Additionally, Debbie encourages women to think boldly and pursue ambitious goals, believing that success often comes from daring to dream beyond conventional boundaries. With resilience and big dreams, women can carve their path to success in the business world. “To those filled with doubt and uncertainty, I offer this assurance: You possess the power to shape your destiny. Believe in yourself, even when others doubt you. Surround yourself with individuals who uplift and inspire you and dream big. For in our collective pursuit of greatness, lies the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Debbie Flevotomou is fueled by an unyielding passion to reshape the world of architecture. What drives her? It’s the thrill of breaking boundaries and sparking change. This has also led her to found the London Ballet Theatre, a ballet company producing cross-art performances and reshaping the world of ballet by its inclusivity and democratic structure. Starting with only six dancers, the company has now grown to over forty dancers and creates shows regularly. With each project, she sees an opportunity to redefine norms, incorporate cutting-edge technologies, and champion sustainability. Debbie’s not just building structures; she’s crafting experiences that inspire and transform. As a trailblazer, she feels a responsibility to pave the way for future (female) architects, leaving behind a legacy of innovation and impact. For Debbie, the journey is as exciting as the destination, and she’s determined to make her mark on the world of architecture in a way that’s both unforgettable and transformative.