ScrubzBody: Make Customers Feel Pampered And Special


The skincare industry is thriving, characterized by innovation, consumer-driven trends, and a strong focus on sustainability and personalization. As consumer awareness and demand for high-quality, effective, and safe skincare products continue to rise, the industry is expected to maintain its robust growth trajectory. Brands that can adapt to changing consumer preferences, leverage technological advancements, and prioritize sustainability are likely to succeed in this competitive landscape.

ScrubzBody was founded by Roberta Perry to make customers feel pampered and special and important. “We consider ourselves a customer service/experience business, that happens to sell skincare, as opposed to the other way around. This way, we fulfill the happiness factor first,” added Perry, CEO, ScrubzBody.

The inception story

“I was a work-from-home mom, juggling 2 freelance careers, a husband, and 3 kids. I somehow managed to get all my work done and take care of the family, but I forgot to take care of myself. My skin suffered and was so dry and chapped it hurt. One day in a meeting, I scratched my elbow, and drops of blood hit my papers. I realized it was time to do something for my skin.

I found scrub-type products, but none seemed to be satisfying what I believed could be a more multi-tasking product. Plus, salt scrubs made my eyes tear when they hit my cut, so they were out. I played around with different formulations and finally hit on one that could be used on both your face and body. One that would moisturize without being greasy.

My late sister, Michelle, knew we could sell it, so the product I made for my personal use became the cornerstone of our natural skincare company,” says the CEO.

The initial challenges

“First, it was the combination of long hours and schlepping the jars to an event and schlepping them home. It was fun and exciting, but exhausting and took time away from the family. Then it was marketing on a budget. How would we get the word out when our competition had deep pockets. We faced them one by one and gathered loyal customers along the way.”

Our Services

“We make oil-based sugar scrubs of various scents and varieties. We make lotions and balms and natural body and face oils. We sell products from independent makers that we love and use ourselves.

We host Make Your Own Scrubz parties, as well as local events that benefit the community, such as Law of Attraction, Reiki, Meditation, Mediumship, and more. We sell retail, online, wholesale on Faire, and help other businesses with our private label,” says Perry.

The differentiating factor

“We make super quality, high-end feeling skincare in a low-fuss product line, but it’s our customer service that sets us apart! We just got that as a comment on our 18th birthday post, “All Scrubz products are amazing, but it’s your customer service and smile that keeps us all coming back! Congratulations So, it is because we adore and respect every customer, whether you buy 15 jars of Scrubz or a simple bar of soap, we will treat you with the same love.”

Our clientele

“My clientele runs toward women who are 45-65 years old, who figured out that it is ok to treat themselves to some pampering but are still running around with the family or work, so they need something easier. Of course, we have men and teens and tweens and kids and older seniors because of all the parties and events we host, but that 45-65 block seems to be our pocket. We love treating them like family because they show a love and loyalty that humbles and excites us daily.”

The work culture

“It has always been one of family. My late sister, Michelle, who helped me get off the ground is still here in spirit every time we host a party, which was her idea. My parents would show up and help us with large orders, and my best friend, Wendy, stepped in when my sister passed in 2017. Even the part-time staff we hire becomes quickly embraced into our fold and shown how to treat customers with respect, love and gratitude. Wendy is the VP of Production so she is in charge of all things manufactured. I’ll do all the marketing and the daily running of the business. Part-time staff is all about sales and production. Somehow, with a tight staff, we manage to get it all done.”

Future Roadmap “Happily, the ScrubzBody Skin Care Products roadmap is very much a repeat of what we have been doing, just doing more of it. More events, more wholesale, reaching more customers at our shop, and helping more people feel better about themselves and their skin. I am working on a “Jot-down Journal” book series that incorporates self-care and love along with the ability to “write that sh*t down and turn the page”. It’s called Notes to Self – A Written Reminder That I Am Unique and Amazing and will be part of a series. I’ll sell them at the shop as well,” concluded Perry.