Best Version of You: A Life Coach for Professional Women

Sometimes, you come to a crossroads in life. It might come in the form of a quarter-life crisis or existential questioning. It might show up at the heels of a big career change or commitment. It might even present itself when you have already decided to start over in life but you are not sure where to go next. This is when a life coach comes into the picture. ‘Best Version of You’ is a life coach organization founded during COVID-19 to allow women to be empowered and find like-minded ladies. “I started this because I wanted to make an impact and assist in the desire to become the best version of themselves. I am an attorney and my greatest passion is when I can be there to support my clients through the hard transitions that life deals them.  However, what I found is that process is my purpose. I started the company to be a life coach for professional women. It started with my desire to help others,” says Coach Pam, Founder, Best Version of you.

The Coach Pam

“I offer workshops, keynote speaking events, virtual and in-person seminars, trademark programming, group classes, and one-on-one private coaching. I have a holistic approach to three levels of yourself. First Your Spirit: how do you achieve balance and maintain your ideal life? Second: Your Life, what are you lacking, and what do you need, to achieve your goals in your life? Third, Your Business: how can you hone your strengths and communicate your vision? My client always asks questions like “I dread Sunday night, knowing I have to go back to work on Monday.” “I believe there has to be more, but I don’t know how to get there.” “I want more, but I just feel lost.” “I feel like it’s time to put myself first, but I feel so selfish doing that.” “I need a recharge, but nothing is working

The Author behind the Curtain

“I have recently co-authored two different women’s series of books a total of six books. Everyday Women and Unstoppable Women, both series have reached the international best sellers and Amazon best-selling in several categories.  My next book will be released on Mother’s Day, May 8th called; “Becoming an Unstoppable Momprenuer.”  Whether you are looking to pivot to a new career, level up at your current career; or just know something is missing and want to find you.  I want to help you on your journey to be the Best Version of you! My next book will be released on Mother’s Day, May 8th called; “Becoming an Unstoppable Momprenuer.” Whether you are looking to pivot to a new career, level up at your current career; or just know something is missing and want to find you.  I want to help you on your journey to be the Best Version of you! 

Client-Centric Service

The Organization specializes atMarketing and Business Analysis, Career Path and Transition, Work/Life Balance, Building Confidence, Extending Influence, Business Development, Leadership & Management, Spiritual Growth, Relationships, Holistic Health and Fitness.However, in the process of developing this life coaching business, I have created a signature coaching program:  Dream. Believe. Achieve.  DBA:  YOU! So, you can “DBA” or “Do Business As” as YOU!  The authentic fulfilled and purposeful you.  Sometimes we are so busy “doing” that we do not see what else there is out there and miss our purposes. I want women to be empowered and taken to the next level. The program has three distinct sections to the journey to becoming the best version of YOU! Dream. Believe. Achieve,” added Pam.

The difference in between Coaching & Therapy

“While I am trained and experienced in many areas, I am a coach. I believe my role is to help you identify and overcome obstacles, implement tools and strategies, and develop a successful approach to challenges in your life. I believe it is the role of a therapist to help mitigate trauma and address mental health needs. While your success is the goal of both a coach and a therapist, the strategies, tools, and implementation are different,” elaborated Coach Pam.

The Differentiating Factor

“I have spent over 13 years in family law and as a business owner. I know what it takes to make a business succeed, and, through my own trial and error, how to stay healthy and sane doing it. In addition to my years of training in family law, domestic violence, and trauma, I also have over 120 hours of training in life coaching, including coursework through the Life Coach Training Institute, International Association of Professional Life Coaches, Quantum Success Coaching Academy, JFDI Academy, and the Radical Coach Institute,” said the Founder.

My Story

“I was a single mother, divorced after an abusive marriage. I put myself through law school and started my own practice. I was NOT confident. I was exhausted and sacred. Someone once told me, “You make it look so easy!” I laughed. The reality was, I was doing what I needed to do, and I did not want anyone to know about my struggles. I did not realize, in this profession, with all my education and experience, I could still be treated differently. Life is different as a Lady Lawyer.”

Beating the Odds

“As I was developing the programs, speaking at summits, doing interviews, and writing; I saw and felt the need was there.  Best Version of You is becoming a movement.  This platform is going to be used to continue to encourage other women to be the best they can be… Ladies are wanting to become a part of this community.  It is satisfying, and supporting, and you are worth it. The movement is about collaboration not competition. I want to touch and collaborate with as many women as I can.  Bringing them together to empower them. I have ladies who are joining to be affiliate coaches as well.  These coaches may have a special niche to offer the community. There is merchandise, books, events, speaking events, and a community membership is forthcoming. This movement is international. I have ladies who are part of the community globally. I want to strengthen the movement and bring this to Northeast Ohio. I have people that know me, personally or professionally who state, “I see the good you’re doing.”  But do they know what it is?  The good is bringing our community together, united, and empowering.  Best Version of You, LLC (BVU) offers workshops, seminars, summits, group training and coaching, merchandise, books, and more. The membership platform will have free resources, discounts for other merchandise and workshops, and the community of BVU,” stated Coach Pam.

Client Testimony

Best Version of You is such an amazing support and encouraging group of women who lift each other and inspire women to do more than they imagine they could. I love Pan Kurt. She is just an amazing example of how women lift each other and encourage each other. I am very grateful to meet her,” added a client.

The Final Lines

“Life coaches aim to improve overall life satisfaction. By identifying and working towards goals aligned with one’s values, individuals can experience a greater sense of fulfillment and happiness in various aspects of life. Whether it is personal development, career and professional growth, health and wellness, or relationships, setting and achieving goals in these areas can lead to a more balanced and fulfilling life. As individuals make progress toward their goals, they can experience a sense of purpose, direction, and fulfillment. Additionally, the process of setting and achieving life coaching goals often involves gaining new skills, overcoming obstacles, and developing resilience. These experiences contribute to personal growth and equip individuals with valuable tools and strategies that can be applied in other areas of life,” concluded Coach Pam.

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How to adopt sustainable business practices that boost your bottom line

The adoption of environmentally responsible business methods is not only a moral imperative in this day and age, but it is also a wise economic move in an era when climate change and environmental degradation are important problems. Not only is it better for the environment, but it can also greatly enhance a company’s bottom line. Hence, businesses that embrace sustainability are more likely to prosper in the long term. This is not just because it is better for the environment but also because it may significantly boost a company’s bottom line. This article goes into the many ways and tactics that companies may use to incorporate sustainability into their operations, which will eventually result in financial as well as environmental benefits.

Carry out an Analysis of the Environmental Impact

It is necessary to carry out an exhaustive review of your company’s operations before beginning the process of adopting sustainable business practices. The environmental effect of your activities, including the resources you use, the trash you produce, and your carbon footprint, should be evaluated as part of this study. It is essential to have a solid understanding of your existing situation in order to establish realistic sustainability targets and measure progress accurately.

Establish Unambiguous Sustainability Objectives

Establish sustainability goals that are crystal clear, quantifiable, and attainable and that match the aims of your organization. These objectives need to include things like lessening emissions of greenhouse gases, cutting down on waste, making more efficient use of energy and water, and embracing methods of sourcing that are more environmentally friendly. Your organization will have a road map to follow, and it will be easier to monitor its progress over time if defined goals are established.

Measures to Improve Energy Efficiency Should Be Put Into Action

Increasing energy efficiency is one of the most important steps in the process of becoming more sustainable. Investing in energy-efficient technology, such as LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances, and renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, is a smart way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money. This not only lessens your impact on the environment by lowering your carbon footprint, but it also lessens the amount you spend on energy, which ultimately improves your bottom line.

Use of Resources Should Be Optimized.

Utilizing resources such as water and raw materials effectively is an essential component of sustainable practices. Take steps to cut down on water waste, recycle materials, and improve manufacturing methods so that you may utilize fewer resources. Not only is there a benefit to the environment, but there is also a reduction in operating expenses related to the procurement of raw materials and the disposal of garbage when there is less waste.

Foster the development of a circular economy.

The design of items must take into account their longevity and potential to be recycled as part of the transition to a circular economy. To lengthen the amount of time that items and materials may be used, it is important to promote recycling, reuse, and repurposing. This technique lowers the amount of fresh resources that are required, limits the amount of trash that is produced, and has the potential to cut production and waste management costs.

Emphasize creating sustainable supply chains.

Collaborate with vendors that share the same commitment to environmental responsibility as you do. Analyze their environmental policies and give preference to suppliers that demonstrate a commitment to responsible sourcing, ethical labor standards, and the reduction of their carbon footprint. Not only will a sustainable supply chain correspond with the ideals of your firm, but it also has the potential to improve your brand image and strengthen consumer loyalty.

Employees should be educated and involved.

Make it a priority to educate and involve your workforce in the company’s efforts to become more sustainable. It is important to provide your staff with training on sustainable practices and to encourage their participation in developing creative solutions to minimize waste and enhance efficiency. When it comes to the implementation of sustainability programs across all levels of a business, workers who are engaged may be a tremendous asset.

Reporting and Openness to the Public

Maintain stakeholder trust by keeping them updated on the status of your sustainability initiatives on a regular basis. Stakeholders include consumers, investors, and the general public. Through sustainability reports and other media, articulately explain the progress you’ve made toward achieving your sustainability objectives. Your company’s image will be enhanced, and you will be able to attract clients and investors who are concerned about the environment when you are transparent.

Utilize Current Technology and Innovative Methods.

Efforts to improve sustainability should make use of many forms of technology. Utilize sophisticated analytics to monitor resource utilization, enhance supply chains, and identify areas in need of improvement. Embrace new solutions, such as AI-powered systems that optimize energy use or trash reduction, in order to promote both sustainability and cost-efficiency at the same time.

Assessing and Keeping Tabs on Performance

Create key performance indicators, or KPIs, to monitor how well your sustainability activities are working out in the real world. Maintain regular monitoring and evaluation of your progress in relation to these key performance indicators (KPIs), making modifications as required to ensure that you remain on track to achieve your sustainability objectives. Continuous evaluation ensures that your efforts continue to contribute to the bottom line and are aligned with your overall company goals.


For long-term success in the company, the adoption of environmentally responsible business practices is no longer a choice but a need. Businesses are able to incorporate sustainability into their operations if they first undertake comprehensive evaluations, define specific targets, optimize their use of resources, embrace technology, and lastly include their staff. The advantages that have resulted as a direct consequence of these efforts, which include cost reductions, an improved brand image, and the loyalty of customers, show that sustainability and financial success are not mutually exclusive. The adoption of sustainable practices not only ensures a better future for the earth as a whole but also for the growth and viability of your company in the long run.