Asigra: A Pioneer And Thought Leader In The Backup And Recovery Industry

The backup and recovery industry is evolving rapidly to meet the challenges of increasing data volumes, sophisticated cyber threats, and the need for regulatory compliance. Innovation in cloud-based solutions, automation, and AI are driving the market, while the demand for simplicity and efficiency remains a top priority for businesses. Companies that stay ahead of these trends will be better positioned to protect their data and ensure business continuity in an increasingly digital world.

Asigra has been a pioneer and thought leader in the backup and recovery space for the past 37 years, setting itself apart with industry-leading data and ransomware protection capabilities. “Building on our long history of innovation, we have launched our latest backup platform, SaaSAssure, designed to provide comprehensive backup, recovery and for a variety of SaaS applications. Our mission statement is “Recovery is Everything.” Our core value is “inspiration,” says Eric Simmons, CEO, Asigra.

The Inception Story

Asigra was founded more than 37 years ago by David Farajun, a visionary computer programmer who could not find an adequate solution to back up the code he was developing. That frustration inspired him not only to build a product that met his needs but also to create a company that would evolve alongside changes in cybersecurity. Ultimately, this led to the industry’s first agentless enterprise cloud-based backup and recovery software that also addresses today’s cyber threats.

“Today, David continues to guide our direction, along with a leadership team packed with industry heavy-hitters. Our software has developed to include features like bi-directional malware scanning, CDR, MPA, SaaS Protection, and Validation Restore to verify the integrity of backups, and we are frequently first to market with new advances a product of our perennial commitment to our original vision of technology that constantly iterates to get ahead of new threats.”

Constantly Evolving to Provide Industry-leading Protection

Headquartered in Toronto, Asigra has expanded to include a wider range of tools for data protection through our MSP and VAR partners.

We are constantly and proactively pursuing ways to protect against ransomware attacks and other threats to the backup and recovery of servers, virtual machines, endpoint devices, databases, and SaaS/IaaS-based applications.

Through our (removed Tigris) Secure Backup Platform and other solutions, we provide ransomware protection, cloud SaaS backup, compliance management, and business continuity support that can prevent catastrophic business impacts.

The differentiating factor

“We are an organization driven by inspiration. In every interaction, we ask ourselves if we are approaching initiatives to inspire. This powerful motivator influences our colleagues in both their contributions to Asigra and in their personal lives.  It also pushes us to seek innovations that extend beyond technology and emphasize the value we deliver to our partners and customers. Inspiration is not always easy, but it elevates our understanding of what truly matters beyond technology, allowing us to connect on a deeper level.”

Staying ahead of the competition

With the rapid adoption of SaaS applications creating today’s SaaS-powered workplace, it is imperative to ensure a company’s entire SaaS footprint is protected. Most SaaS providers follow the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Shared Responsibility Model, which states that businesses are responsible for their data. Businesses need to understand that SaaS providers do not offer backup and recovery services, nor do they guarantee data protection they focus on application availability and data redundancy. The crucial difference is that if a business’s SaaS data is deleted or compromised through accidental deletion, ransomware, or other cyber-attacks, the data is often non-recoverable. To address this gap, Asigra offers SaaSAssure, a cloud-native solution designed to provide backup and recovery services for high-value, business-critical SaaS applications.

Adapting to the changing landscape

Most CIOs prioritize data protection and business resiliency as their top concerns. In response, “we have developed a solution to safeguard the vast amount of critical business data residing in vulnerable SaaS applications. Our platform enables businesses to achieve full protection of sensitive data generated and stored in a multitude of clouds in under 10 minutes.”

Strategies for the future challenge

Asigra is among the few organizations that have developed a multi-tenant platform designed with a partner-first approach. “We currently support over 300 managed service providers globally and are committed to expanding our partner community. Our focus also includes systems integrators who implement and customize SaaS applications for companies, as well as strategic partnerships with SaaS providers and other entities not currently targeted by our competitors, offering significant growth opportunities.”

The initial challenge

“The key challenge is leveraging our time and resources to effectively remain ahead of the competition in this market as the largest players in the business begin to extend their offerings. We will continue to differentiate through our focus on inspiration and bring that level of value and attention to what matters most to the customers we serve. Knowing that a backup admin can sometimes take three weeks to remediate a backup failure simply because they changed the backup location by accident and both proactively addressing this and offering automated or immediate remediation is a massive time saver and risk eliminator. We also continue to expand our strategic partnerships to further differentiate faster. As an example, partnering with an organization that has a solution to identify all the SaaS apps within a business. This helps to prioritize their backup needs and budget. Lastly, our unique integration of backup with cyber security protection continues to evolve alongside the threat landscape.”

Products and services influencing the global scale

“We serve a global market today and one critical element we focus on is working with analysts and industry influencers to help educate the market on the importance of protecting their SaaS data with 3rd party solutions. A second key message is to have SaaS providers extend their APIs to make it possible and easier to back up and restore all the data stored within their applications. Many do not do this effectively today and if they require the end customer to be responsible for the data, they need to enable them to protect all of it effectively.”

International stories success & partnership

“We are partnering with Auvik which is a cloud-based network monitoring tool that offers the ability to discover, monitor, manage and secure SaaS to eliminate shadow IT. Adding backup and recovery is a perfect complement to this offering and vice-versa. Others are in various stages of completion.”

Awards and Recognition

“Throughout our history, Asigra’s technological innovation has been motivated by our experiences with customers. The most impactful have been the stories we have heard from those who come to us when their former backup solution could not restore a clean copy of their data. Those experiences, plus our drive to anticipate and protect against new threats, have led to unique security technology that far surpasses our competitors’ security strategies. And while our customers’ and partners’ feedback is the only validation we need, it does not hurt that we are consistently recognized as an industry-leading platform,” added Simmons.

The future roadmap

The company is evolving into a comprehensive data protection and analysis platform, harnessing the power of AI and machine learning for key use cases. “Initially, we will predict, remediate, and eventually eliminate backup and recovery errors, often caused by human error.  Another critical use case for the injection of AI and ML involves identifying ransomware and other cyber-attacks. Additionally, we will focus heavily on advanced data analytics, enabling organizations to derive valuable insights from aggregated backup data. This approach is simpler and more cost-effective than moving everything into a data lake. Furthermore, we will implement our unique bi-directional antimalware and Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technologies to enhance protection against ransomware attacks,” concluded Eric Simmons.

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WebTeb: The Go Source For Reliable Health And Wellness Content In MENA

At WebTeb, our vision is to enhance people’s lives by delivering trusted health and wellness content. Our mission is to serve as the ultimate hub for connecting Arab citizens with healthcare providers,” says Amani Abulaban, CEO. “We are committed to ensuring everyone has the right to knowledge and easy access to reliable information. With a comprehensive platform that includes our website, social media channels, and mobile app, WebTeb provides reliable health and wellness content from healthcare professionals, establishing us as the primary source of health and wellness information in the Arab world. We also help bridge the gap between healthcare providers and Arab users, enhancing the community’s well-being. We uphold the highest ethical and professional standards in all that we do,” says Amani Abulaban, CEO.

The Journey towards Success

“My journey to success has been shaped by a passion for making a positive impact and a constant pursuit of innovative solutions. In my previous roles within the pharmaceutical industry, I led marketing efforts across the MENA region, specifically focusing on healthcare. This experience provided me with a deep understanding of the dynamics of the MENA healthcare market. When I transitioned to Webteb, I saw it as a chance to merge my healthcare expertise with my entrepreneurial spirit. With a strong belief in continuous learning and development, always seeking new ways to grow and improve, I am driven by my passion to make a difference and leave a lasting impact in every role and environment I am in,” added Amani.

The inception story

“Webteb was already established when I joined the team, but what inspired me was the potential it held to make a significant impact on people’s lives. The opportunity to provide trusted health and wellness information to Arabic readers and spread health awareness in the MENA region motivated me to take on the role of CEO and lead Webteb to greater heights.”

The story behind the entrepreneurship journey

“The inspiration behind my pursuit of entrepreneurship and leadership in the healthcare and technology industry stemmed from the challenges I observed as a young woman. I saw an opportunity to bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to an industry in need of change. When I became CEO of Webteb, my passion for improving people’s lives, coupled with Webteb’s mission to do the same, motivated me to lead the company towards becoming the go-to source of Arabic Health and Wellness content in the MENA region and the partner of choice for healthcare institutions globally,” says Amani.

The team behind the curtain

At the heart of WebTeb is a team of experienced healthcare professionals, technology enthusiasts, editors, programmers, designers, and advertising specialists. Their collective efforts are devoted to refining WebTeb’s performance to guarantee the highest quality content, superior products, and the best user experience.

The initial challenges

“As a young leader in a field, Often populated by more experienced individuals, I’ve encountered the challenge of showing the impact that I can make, and this pushed me to work exceptionally hard and come up with innovative ideas to demonstrate the impact I can make.”


“One of the milestones I’m proud of in my career is leading Webteb through a period of transformation, making it the leading Health and Wellness Platform in the MENA region. Through strategic initiatives and innovative solutions, we’ve expanded our reach and impact, providing invaluable resources to millions of individuals, and becoming the trusted partner for the biggest International and regional healthcare institutions. Our success is rooted in our customer-centric approach, ensuring that our services and solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our users, thereby fostering stronger relationships and greater satisfaction.”

The work-life balance

“Maintaining a work-life balance is an ongoing journey for me, and to be honest, I’m still working on achieving it. I recognize the importance of this balance for my overall well-being, so I’m committed to making strides in this area. I prioritize tasks, delegate responsibilities, and set boundaries to carve out time for personal pursuits and family. It’s a process of trial and error, but I’m dedicated to finding what works best for me and continually striving to improve in this aspect.”

Advice to future businesswomen

“My advice to other women aspiring to succeed in the business world is to believe in themselves and to see difficulties as opportunities. Focus on continuous learning and development, and do not be afraid to take risks. Surround yourself with a supportive network, and always strive to make a positive impact. I foresee women taking on more leadership roles across various industries, driving innovation, and advocating for gender equality in the workplace. With a growing emphasis on diversity and inclusion, I believe women will continue to break barriers and contribute significantly to the future of business.”

The motivation factor “My motivation comes from the impact I can make on people’s lives. Knowing that our work at Webteb positively influences health outcomes and empowers individuals fuels my drive to push boundaries and achieve greater success. I am committed to leading by example, inspiring others, and leaving a lasting legacy of positive change in the healthcare and technology sectors.”

TOUGHLOVE: A Modern Business Advisory Service To Guide & Shape Your Business

The global advisory firm landscape is characterized by intense competition, with firms continuously innovating and expanding their service offerings to meet the evolving needs of clients in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. TOUGHLOVE is a homegrown advisory firm based out of Dubai, UAE, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. “We aim to make business advice accessible to those who do not have the people, capability, capacity, or knowledge to manage this growth or even the time or funds to experiment with theories and best practices. We commit to telling these businesses what they need to hear, not what they want to hear, in a peer-to-peer approach that is driven by co-creating solutions that are market-ready. We recognize that often these assignments leave businesses vulnerable during implementation, and we are prepared to continue partnering with them throughout that phase,” says TOUGHLOVE, Khaled M. Ismail, CEO.

Our Services

TOUGHLOVE offers a modern business advisory service to guide & shape your business. “We recommend agile & scalable solutions for the best business outcomes. We partner with businesses to unlock their potential & deliver creative hands-on solutions without sizeable overhead. We help clients identify blind spots, support them in co-creating solutions, & help them develop internal skills & capabilities to overcome your challenges.”

The differentiating factor

“There is no other advisory firm with this amount of collaborative hands-on experience in the market. At TOUGHLOVE, we tell our clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear, so we can effectively help them and their businesses. We have witnessed first-hand the dire need to engage with real-life practitioners who are about developing practical, tailor-made solutions based on their own experiences, as opposed to sharing theoretical best practices. We want businesses to know that there is a different way to get help, and that is the TOUGHLOVE say,” adds Ismail.

Mission and Vision 

We focused on our experience rather than theory to advise our clients, but the trigger is our approach. Straight-talking, jargon-free, and honest approach. We tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. You will understand what we recommend to you. So, we do things differently. 

  • Sophisticated NOT condescending
  • Trustworthy NOT fluffy 
  • Inspiring NOT preachy
  • Progressive NOT buzzword bingo 
  • Ambitious and Driven NOT antagonistic 
  • Provocative NOT imposing 
  • Confident NOT Arrogant 
  • Supportive NOT transactional 
  • Direct NOT Blunt

Shaping the business landscape in the Middle East

“TOUGHLOVE partners have acquired most of their learnings from hands-on, real-life experience in prominent leadership positions and by working with, and on some of the region’s more prominent and successful brands and organizations over the past few decades.  As individuals, we have consistently been tasked with challenging and highly demanding agendas in the region that have been pegged as a growth potential for the past couple of decades.  Today, SME and family-owned businesses, which contribute to the vast majority of the economy as well as employment in most countries, must compete with the scale, financial power, and broad expertise of international organizations and brands. We collaborate with them via a straight-talking, tried-and-tested approach that brings real-life, fit-for-purpose solutions that are devoid of theory. Arguably, this formula might not appeal to all, but that’s OK. Growth and progress often require TOUGHLOVE and that is in our DNA. So, those who do seek support and advice will value the journey with us and the results it will enable them to achieve,” elaborated Ismail. 

The success story   

“Over the past two years, we have worked with many local, regional, and international clients taking on a variety of assignments, from refreshing the company’s brand and positioning, assisting clients with their go-to-market strategies, restructuring marketing departments, setting marketing and business strategies, implementing plans, and always working closely with our clients. We have also been asked to take on assignments for developing and shaping internal company cultures and taking on interim CMO positions.”


“TOUGHLOVE originated from a business insight that traditional consulting models can be improved to better serve the needs of new-age businesses. Sharing this view, our founding partners of senior practitioners joined forces to form a group that offers companies a fresh perspective for solving the problems that we had experienced ourselves. We help companies facing organizational, commercial, and operational challenges that limit their growth and performance,” concluded Ismail. 

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Storyline Resumes: Empowering Individuals in Their Career Journey by Creating a Unique Brand

The resume-writing industry has evolved significantly in recent years, adapting to changes in technology, recruitment practices, and job market trends. There here’s been a proliferation of online platforms and services offering resume writing assistance. These range from automated resume builders to professional writing services. Users can choose between DIY options or opt for personalized services from experienced resume writers.

Storyline Resumes is one such company with 24+ years of experience in resume writing company. Storyline has expanded to include 70+ team members who have all embraced Robynn’s storytelling philosophy. “We have successfully delivered over 300,000 resume packages globally, earning recognition as the #1 most searched resume-writing company on LinkedIn. Our mission is simple. It is to empower individuals in their career journey by creating a unique ‘brand’ that helps them to stand out among the competition. Through our personalized interview process to the development of the resume that tells your amazing story, we create narratives that allow hiring managers to see the true value, achievement, and impact you bring to an employer,” says Robynn Storey, Founder, Storyline Resumes.

The Inception Story

“I was tired of the day-to-day drudge of corporate America, wanted to work for myself, and entertained different types of consulting opportunities. I got into resume writing when a friend asked me to help him write his resume for an engineering role, which he landed quickly, and it grew from there,” Robynn Storey. 

Beating the Odds

“At first, it was getting new business. But after a few years, I was handling all the work on my own.  That is when I started growing my team.  I hired a few resume writers and people to conduct the client interviews, and now we have 70 staff.”

Our Services

“We provide resume services for senior-level and executive-level clients – resumes, cover letters, bios, and LinkedIn profiles. We are fully USA based, we have been in business for 24 years, and our staff is comprised of highly educated former business executives who understand industries and functions across the board. We are first and foremost family-friendly, we are 100% remote.  Everyone is free to choose the schedule that works for them.”

The Lady Behind the Curtain

Robynn Storey is an accomplished entrepreneur and business leader, widely recognized as the CEO of Storyline Resumes, a prominent company specializing in professional resume writing and career services. With her unwavering dedication to empowering individuals in their job search endeavors, Storey has revolutionized the resume-writing industry and has become a trusted name among professionals worldwide.

Storey’s career journey is a testament to her exceptional expertise in the field. After completing her education in business administration, she embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between job seekers and their dream careers. Recognizing the importance of a compelling resume in the competitive job market, she founded Storyline Resumes with a vision to provide top-notch resume writing services that showcase each client’s unique skills and experiences.

Under Storey’s dynamic leadership, Storyline Resumes has emerged as a premier destination for individuals seeking professional resume assistance. With a keen understanding of industry trends and employer expectations, Storey and her team have crafted thousands of resumes that have opened doors to new opportunities for countless professionals. Her commitment to delivering excellence has earned Storeyline Resumes a reputation for providing tailored, attention-grabbing resumes that effectively highlight the strengths of each client.

Storey’s passion for empowering job seekers extends beyond resume writing. She has spearheaded the development of comprehensive career services at Storeyline Resumes, offering interview coaching, LinkedIn profile optimization, and career counseling to ensure individuals are well-equipped to navigate the competitive job market. Storey believes in a holistic approach to career development, and her dedication to her clients’ success sets Storeyline Resumes apart as a trusted resource for comprehensive career support.

In addition to her role at Storeyline Resumes, Storey is a sought-after speaker and thought leader, frequently sharing her insights and expertise at industry conferences and events. She is known for her dynamic presentations on resume writing, personal branding, and career advancement, captivating audiences with her deep knowledge and engaging speaking style.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Storey is actively involved in philanthropic endeavors aimed at supporting underprivileged individuals in their career journeys. She strongly believes in giving back to the community and actively collaborates with various organizations to provide career development resources to those in need.

Robynn Storey’s remarkable leadership as the CEO of Storeyline Resumes has redefined the resume-writing industry, empowering countless individuals to achieve their career goals. Her commitment to excellence, innovative approach, and dedication to client success make her a true trailblazer in the field. Through her transformative work, Storey has cemented her legacy as a respected authority in professional resume writing and career services, leaving an indelible impact on the lives of job seekers worldwide.


Robynn Storey was honored with the Top Executive Business Writer of 2023 award, as well as a nomination for the Empowered Woman award, by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for her exceptional leadership and dedication. Recognizing her achievements and community contributions, this prestigious award highlights her transition from Human Resources executive to the founder of Storeyline Resumes.  

With over a million followers on LinkedIn, Robynn’s advocacy for job seekers is globally praised. Her success is attributed to perseverance and mentorship, with a commitment to inspiring others through visually appealing, customized resumes at Storeyline Resumes.

Policy Wisdom: Playing a Leadership Role in Public Health Policy Initiatives Worldwide

According to a 2022 report from the Center for American Progress, an independent, nonpartisan policy institute that is dedicated to improving the lives of all Americans, investments in public health not only improve the health of society but also advance equity and foster economic and climate resiliency.

As the same organization states, most of the gains in life expectancy achieved in the 20th century resulted from public health advances such as cleaner air and water, improved sanitation and food safety, safer environments and thus fewer injuries, and vaccines to protect against infectious disease.

It is then not a surprise that committed public health advocates like Ana Rita Gonzalez, dedicate their efforts, career and lives to shape public policies worldwide for the benefit of all.

Policy Wisdom, LLC (PW is a public health policy consulting company founded in 2010 with the ambitious goal of playing a role in worldwide public health initiatives.“We provide clients with the strategies, resources, and vision necessary to achieve their public health policy goals. We shape public health policies by working with the full spectrum of individualsfrom policymakers to those who guide their thinkingat governmental and non-governmental organizations and in the private sector,” added Ana Rita Gonzalez, CEO of the company.

The journey towards success

“I am a health policy nerd. I am passionate about the impact of health policy on our lives. I feel that it ensures deep and broad access to health and creates the conditions to keep us healthy and safe.I have always felt that public health and healthcare are most impactful when all stakeholders have a seat at the table, and when they can talk to each other one-on-one, with openness, and without fear. I realized that this was not happening often enough and that the conversations were not always based on shared quality evidence.

I have devoted my life to shaping policies based on evidence in every corner of the world. And doing it with a strong methodological framework and ample participation was a goal and dream. A conversation with my husband around our kitchen counter 14 years ago made it happen. He was the force behind my passion, the one who pushed me to create Policy Wisdom, LLC. Now he shares my passion and we run PW together. Great ideas sometimes have a way of popping up when you least expect them, as they have been secretly brewing in your mind and heart. Policy Wisdom, LLC (PW) was founded in 2010 as a virtual company before remote work was a trend. We wanted to lead from day one and succeeded at it,”elaborated Gonzalez.

Who we are

We are a strategic partner to organizations, companies, and governments, dedicated to advancing public health policies around the world. Supported by a 100% virtual network of more than 40 consultants located on several continents, we have completed more than 600 projects in more than 160 countries to improve the population’s access to health services and products through evidence-based policy shaping. We partner with our clients using evidence-based research and methods to create an achievable strategic path to shape policies that positively impact the health, environment, safety, and development of individuals, communities, and nations.

Beating the odds

“Innovating is always the biggest challenge. Asking people to look at things differently is the challenge I have faced most often. But resolving it always leads to the most satisfaction. For example: creating Policy Wisdom as a virtual company in 2010 when that was unheard of. I overcame this challenge with good arguments, open and frank communication,and outstanding results,” says Ana.

The inspiring journey

“Wanting to do more and in a different way. Wanting to offer work flexibility, access to consultants all over the world, and solutions to clients based on evidence. Generating a safe space where everyone can shine and be the best version of themselves. More selfishly, I wanted to be surrounded by smart people, amazing human beings who care for public health as much as I do. We translated that into our vision, which has remained the same over the years: “to be a benchmark of excellence in health policy and a valued partner in the creation of policies that benefit public health worldwide.”

The work and life balance

“Policy Wisdom works in partnership with our clients to create a thoughtful and actionable strategic path to shape policies that impact the health, environment, safety, and development of individuals, communities, and nations. Through our partnership approach, we pay close attention to clients’ goals and needs.

Time management, team development and empowerment, and proper delegation are key to achieving balance in any situation, especially in a work-life scenario. But most importantly, understanding your true priorities and working around them.”

Success viewed through some case studies

PW has the unique opportunity to work for clients in the government and private sector, as well as with patient/advocacy groups worldwide. “The countrywe were working with needed to address challenges regarding child obesity and a culture of lack of exercise, in which economic incentives did not have much traction. We provided 12 policy recommendations to address this problem, for potential implementation throughout a period of two to three years. Within a year of implementation of the policies, progress was seen. 

Another example is related to vaccines, the most cost-effective public health intervention. In the last 15 years, a vaccine hesitancy movement has emerged, questioning the positive impact of vaccines. Demonstrating the positive impact of a type of vaccine and providing the evidence to governments, advocacy groups, healthcare providers, and citizens, in a way that makes sense for each of these different audiences, allows for this benefit to be available faster through inclusion in immunization calendars, to protect the population against preventable diseases.

Finally, precision medicine is new, and it has incredible potential to create effective treatments and reach more people. We are working on helping develop appropriate policies to expand access to precision medicine,” elaborates Gonzalez.

Women in business, now and in the future

“Our business model has been 100% virtual since day one, 14 years ago. If COVID left us with one positive thing, it is the flexibility of employees, particularly women, to work from home. I also foresee women escalating to roles of leadership in areas formerly dominated by men. I feel we are reaching an extreme situation, with the rich being extremely rich and more people being extremely poor. I think society will start, in the next ten years, to shift toward a more balanced and compassionate world, to avoid self-destruction. I trust most leaders are smart enough to move toward this path.”

Milestone achieved

“I just wrote and launched, with some of our team members, a series of children’s books that can convey the importance of public health policy in impacting health worldwide. The books provide children the opportunity to learn what public health is, what health policy is, and how it impacts their daily lives. A career in public health is something we should be aware of from childhood, like being a doctor, an architect, or a farmer. And understanding the role of health policy in our lives and how we can impact it should be something we grow up knowing and shaping. It is important to avoid being only a recipient and not an active participant in health policymaking and public health.

Athena’s Adventures in Health Policy is a series of 16 books, from pre-school to 12th grade, authored and published by me, and co-authored by other PW team members. Through this series, we hope to educate and make an impact on school students regarding various areas of public health. Eight titles are already available for purchase through One dollar from each purchase will be donated to Global Health NOW (GHN), an initiative of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, of which I am an alumnus,” quoted Gonzalez.

Advice to the women aspiring to join the business world

“Seek wisdom in every aspect of your life. The more you know, the more you can share. Do not be afraid to do what you love and aspire to do great things. Surround yourself with a wonderful team and inspire them to be better and excel in every role. As a woman, you can bring many typical female traits as assets to your daily work. Traits like compassion, nurturing, affection, cooperation, and expression allow you to be an empathic leader,” concluded Gonzalez.

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Best Version of You: A Life Coach for Professional Women

Sometimes, you come to a crossroads in life. It might come in the form of a quarter-life crisis or existential questioning. It might show up at the heels of a big career change or commitment. It might even present itself when you have already decided to start over in life but you are not sure where to go next. This is when a life coach comes into the picture. ‘Best Version of You’ is a life coach organization founded during COVID-19 to allow women to be empowered and find like-minded ladies. “I started this because I wanted to make an impact and assist in the desire to become the best version of themselves. I am an attorney and my greatest passion is when I can be there to support my clients through the hard transitions that life deals them.  However, what I found is that process is my purpose. I started the company to be a life coach for professional women. It started with my desire to help others,” says Coach Pam, Founder, Best Version of you.

The Coach Pam

“I offer workshops, keynote speaking events, virtual and in-person seminars, trademark programming, group classes, and one-on-one private coaching. I have a holistic approach to three levels of yourself. First Your Spirit: how do you achieve balance and maintain your ideal life? Second: Your Life, what are you lacking, and what do you need, to achieve your goals in your life? Third, Your Business: how can you hone your strengths and communicate your vision? My client always asks questions like “I dread Sunday night, knowing I have to go back to work on Monday.” “I believe there has to be more, but I don’t know how to get there.” “I want more, but I just feel lost.” “I feel like it’s time to put myself first, but I feel so selfish doing that.” “I need a recharge, but nothing is working

The Author behind the Curtain

“I have recently co-authored two different women’s series of books a total of six books. Everyday Women and Unstoppable Women, both series have reached the international best sellers and Amazon best-selling in several categories.  My next book will be released on Mother’s Day, May 8th called; “Becoming an Unstoppable Momprenuer.”  Whether you are looking to pivot to a new career, level up at your current career; or just know something is missing and want to find you.  I want to help you on your journey to be the Best Version of you! My next book will be released on Mother’s Day, May 8th called; “Becoming an Unstoppable Momprenuer.” Whether you are looking to pivot to a new career, level up at your current career; or just know something is missing and want to find you.  I want to help you on your journey to be the Best Version of you! 

Client-Centric Service

The Organization specializes atMarketing and Business Analysis, Career Path and Transition, Work/Life Balance, Building Confidence, Extending Influence, Business Development, Leadership & Management, Spiritual Growth, Relationships, Holistic Health and Fitness.However, in the process of developing this life coaching business, I have created a signature coaching program:  Dream. Believe. Achieve.  DBA:  YOU! So, you can “DBA” or “Do Business As” as YOU!  The authentic fulfilled and purposeful you.  Sometimes we are so busy “doing” that we do not see what else there is out there and miss our purposes. I want women to be empowered and taken to the next level. The program has three distinct sections to the journey to becoming the best version of YOU! Dream. Believe. Achieve,” added Pam.

The difference in between Coaching & Therapy

“While I am trained and experienced in many areas, I am a coach. I believe my role is to help you identify and overcome obstacles, implement tools and strategies, and develop a successful approach to challenges in your life. I believe it is the role of a therapist to help mitigate trauma and address mental health needs. While your success is the goal of both a coach and a therapist, the strategies, tools, and implementation are different,” elaborated Coach Pam.

The Differentiating Factor

“I have spent over 13 years in family law and as a business owner. I know what it takes to make a business succeed, and, through my own trial and error, how to stay healthy and sane doing it. In addition to my years of training in family law, domestic violence, and trauma, I also have over 120 hours of training in life coaching, including coursework through the Life Coach Training Institute, International Association of Professional Life Coaches, Quantum Success Coaching Academy, JFDI Academy, and the Radical Coach Institute,” said the Founder.

My Story

“I was a single mother, divorced after an abusive marriage. I put myself through law school and started my own practice. I was NOT confident. I was exhausted and sacred. Someone once told me, “You make it look so easy!” I laughed. The reality was, I was doing what I needed to do, and I did not want anyone to know about my struggles. I did not realize, in this profession, with all my education and experience, I could still be treated differently. Life is different as a Lady Lawyer.”

Beating the Odds

“As I was developing the programs, speaking at summits, doing interviews, and writing; I saw and felt the need was there.  Best Version of You is becoming a movement.  This platform is going to be used to continue to encourage other women to be the best they can be… Ladies are wanting to become a part of this community.  It is satisfying, and supporting, and you are worth it. The movement is about collaboration not competition. I want to touch and collaborate with as many women as I can.  Bringing them together to empower them. I have ladies who are joining to be affiliate coaches as well.  These coaches may have a special niche to offer the community. There is merchandise, books, events, speaking events, and a community membership is forthcoming. This movement is international. I have ladies who are part of the community globally. I want to strengthen the movement and bring this to Northeast Ohio. I have people that know me, personally or professionally who state, “I see the good you’re doing.”  But do they know what it is?  The good is bringing our community together, united, and empowering.  Best Version of You, LLC (BVU) offers workshops, seminars, summits, group training and coaching, merchandise, books, and more. The membership platform will have free resources, discounts for other merchandise and workshops, and the community of BVU,” stated Coach Pam.

Client Testimony

Best Version of You is such an amazing support and encouraging group of women who lift each other and inspire women to do more than they imagine they could. I love Pan Kurt. She is just an amazing example of how women lift each other and encourage each other. I am very grateful to meet her,” added a client.

The Final Lines

“Life coaches aim to improve overall life satisfaction. By identifying and working towards goals aligned with one’s values, individuals can experience a greater sense of fulfillment and happiness in various aspects of life. Whether it is personal development, career and professional growth, health and wellness, or relationships, setting and achieving goals in these areas can lead to a more balanced and fulfilling life. As individuals make progress toward their goals, they can experience a sense of purpose, direction, and fulfillment. Additionally, the process of setting and achieving life coaching goals often involves gaining new skills, overcoming obstacles, and developing resilience. These experiences contribute to personal growth and equip individuals with valuable tools and strategies that can be applied in other areas of life,” concluded Coach Pam.

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Jinhee Wilde: Leading by Example

Setting an example of leadership is easier said than done. It involves a dedicated individual to set a standard that urges others to replicate the same.

Jinhee Wilde, Founding Partner of WA Law Group, is one such pioneering example of a leader who makes her mark among her subordinates by leading by example. According to her, “A true leader is one who would lead by example instead of “do what I say, not as I do” type of person.”

The Fortune Leader Magazine proudly looks at the story of Jinhee Wilde and her journey towards becoming a leading attorney.

Early Years

Jinhee came to America during her teenage years. Being a minority woman with little knowledge of the English language, she faced much discrimination. Moreover, the cultural shock and discrimination made it more difficult for Jinhee.

“Being made fun of because I spoke halting English or my eyes looked slanted showed me that advocating for myself was very important,” recalls Jinhee.

As Jinhee grew up, she noticed this systemic racism against people who did not know how to speak up for themselves. She made a conscious choice to be the voice for these people through her actions.

Ensuring Client Satisfaction

Prior to starting WA Law Group, Jinhee was a partner at a few large as well as small law firms. Based on her experience, she mentions “I saw that law business focused too much on billable hours and profits of the law firm instead of providing exceptional customer service to the clients.”

Jinhee Wilde established WA Law Group with a single goal in her mind – to treat clients the way we would like to be treated ourselves. She understands that treating clients with utmost respect and bringing them success/approvals through her solutions would enable referrals for additional clients.

She points out an age-old jargon used in the Real Estate industry – if you build it, people will come.

The immigration process of the US is one that is extremely long and arduous. Jinhee claims that “It can also be very subjective with a lot of discretion given to the adjudicator. Although same criteria are met, the probative value of the evidence could be seen differently depending on the individual looking at it.”

Her job as a lawyer is to present each case with a detailed explanation for how the adjudicators should see the evidence in the same view/light, thereby making it as easy as possible for them.

At WA Law Group, Jinhee and her team have established a process that enables optimal client satisfaction in every step of the way. The team takes time to answer its clients’ questions via phone and emails within a 24-hour period, even if that might be just to acknowledge to the client about the communication.

As an immigrant herself, Jinhee understands how stressful not knowing or understanding the immigration status can be. “We don’t count billable hours for every email or phone calls with our clients so that we could take time to explain and assure them of their case progress. Again, doing what is right for our clients resulted in more business for our firm.”

The Journey

Jinhee’s journey from shifting to America, entering the field of Law, and subsequently setting up WA Law Group has been riddled with challenges. Moreover, her background also made it difficult for her to find a mentor who would guide her or groom her along this journey.

She recalls, “My work has been discounted and my ideas totally ignored by some partners, while some white male counterparts went out golfing with them and leapfrogged over me.”

Jinhee mentions that at the end of the day, she had to take detours and backtrack on her decisions and actions several times to get to the point where she is today. Further, she hoped that doing the right things for her clients even at the expense of short periods of financial loss would eventually all come together to ensure consistent profits.

This passionate attorney asserts, “Doing the right thing allows me to hold my head up high with no regrets – money comes and goes, but my integrity is forever.”

Looking back at her journey, Jinhee mentions that she would have set-up WA Law Group much sooner, instead of working with partners who did not appreciate her work or efforts.

From her own experiences, she advises emerging attorneys to look for a mentor who understands and supports their ideas and to be not afraid of striking out on your own path.

The Future

Talking about the future of WA Law Group, she claims “Our firm continues to grow even with the immigration practice that is contingent on the fickle administration policies, which is a testament to our clients’ loyalty and referrals.”

In the coming years, Jinhee Wilde and her team will continue to provide the exceptional service that they have been known for. Furthermore, she wants to maintain the stellar approval track of her firm in order to help more immigrants who suffer through this tiresome process.

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